Key to Balanced Nutrition during Ramadan: Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

Key to Balanced Nutrition during Ramadan: Milk, Cheese and Yogurt
13 May 2019
During Ramadan this year, the average period of fasting in our country varies between 16 and 17 hours. Milk and dairy products stand out as the most nutritious products for balancing the protein and calcium needs of the body in the face of long hours of fasting. Şenay Avcu, Quality Manager of İçim in Turkey, recommends always to have milk, cheese and yogurt at both iftar and sahur tables for a healthy month of Ramadan.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - This year exceeds 16 hours of fasting in the month of Ramadan, which coincides with a period in which the day begins to grow and temperatures rise. If the Iftar and the Sahur fit into the remaining 8 hours of the day, it is of utmost importance that the body is healthy in this limited time. Since it contains fat, carbohydrates and various vitamins, especially protein and calcium, milk and milk products stand out as the balancing food of Ramadan tables.

"High-protein milk provides long-term toughness."

Located in the assessment of a balanced diet during Ramadan inside Turkey Quality Manager Senay Avci, "Toughness balanced ratio of nutrients for carbohydrate, protein and fat is important to include. So milk, yogurt and cheese group foods, ideal for Ramadan period. Since dairy products also facilitate digestion, a glass of milk or buttermilk that will be served in the sahur also helps to remain dry for longer. Do not forget to have milk or yogurt at Iftar and Sahur tables. Especially our milk, which contains 6% high protein, provides a long-term feeling of fullness. Özellikle

"Den Sodium in cheese balances blood pressure."

Avcu stated that they have presented hundreds of healthy recipes for Ramadan on their websites. There are certain vitamins needed by the body that remain hungry throughout the day, which are hidden in dairy products. It is very important that yogurt, which supports digestion and facilitates digestion, should be consumed especially in iftar. ”We offer various tastes that can be used especially in milk and milk products with the recipes we prepared specially for Ramadan on our website.

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