Bobby McFerrin, Gimme5 and Chromas Fascinated the Audience!

 Bobby McFerrin, Gimme5 and Chromas Fascinated the Audience!
09 May 2019

10-time Grammy winner vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin, mostly known with his song “Don't Worry Be Happy”, gave a special night to the audience with Chromas Choir at PSM. Kenan Doğulu, Elçin Sangu, Evrencan Gündüz, Metin Uca, Görkem Sevindik, İzzet Öz and many other celebrities attended the first “Circlesongs” concept concert in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 10 Grammy-winning master musician Bobby McFerrin, who won the admiration of music lovers from around the world with his song sever Donsevert Worry Be Happy,, had an unforgettable night with music lovers as part of the PSM Jazz Festival. In the all-improvised concert, Bobby McFerrin and his team, Gimme5, made the audience feel influenced by the great music produced in "moment" with the harmony and energy of Chromas.

Stating that Turkey's gimme5 Chromas member of the popular a cappella community and admire their compliance with Bobby McFerrin, all viewers from Chromas's repertoire also gave a surprise concert where a song. Virgo and one of Turkey's Dogan founded by pioneers in the field of improvised music Chromas was accompanied by a 1.5-hour performance of all the famous artist McFerrin.

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About Chromas

Chromas is a multi-voice, acapella music choir that began its activities in 2015 under the leadership of experienced Başak Doğan. She has performed in many choirs and festivals abroad. Chromas, which means colors, symbolizes multi-colority and multi-color like its teams. And VOPA - which serves to establish non-verbal communication between ime Rhythmic Chorus i and var Smart Chorus m and chorus members and conductor üzerine VOPA - Vocal Painting "(Voice Painting) is the first and only community of practitioners in the discipline of Turkey. For more information about Chromas, you can follow Facebook and Instagram accounts, websites can be visited.