Turkey Innovation Week hosted the largest e-export conference in Europe!

Turkey Innovation Week hosted the largest e-export conference in Europe!
08 May 2019

For the first time this year, DHL International E-export conference organized within the scope of Turkey Innovation Week brought more than 30 speakers from 12 countries together with more than a thousand participants. “As TIM, we are starting to take a quick step towards the development of e-exports and the solution of problems,” said TIM President Ismail Gulle.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - World E-Commerce Forum (WORLDEF) by "Export Innovation: e-Export" theme held on the 5th of this year DHL International e-Export Conference, Turkey was part of Innovation Week. Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) 36 speakers were hosted as well as more than a thousand participants from 12 countries at the conference, which assumed the strategic partnership. In the event, DHL details the details of being able to trade 24/7 in more than 120 countries, while Allegro, one of Europe's largest e-commerce platforms with a turnover of nearly $ 1 billion, has called on Turkish retail brands for the Polish market!

"Exchange rate can make doping effects for e-export."

In his opening speech, Ömer Nart, President of WORLDEF, said: konu As a country we are actually at the beginning of the road in the field of e-export. Because of Turkey's owned production power supply and if somehow this email export or cross-border e-commerce exchange rate fluctuations could slide can produce a severe economic value, we can do the doping effect.

The first book on e-export was introduced.

WORLDEF President Omar Nart and Education Coordinator has the distinction of being the first book written in the e-exportation in Turkey by Orkhan Isayev 'AZ E-export' of the book was also launched. TIM President Ismail Shot, DHL Express Turkey CEO Claus Lassen, Google Global Export Growth Strategy Program Manager Adolfo Fernandez Sanchez, DHL Express Turkey Sales Assistant General Manager responsible for Boğaç Özsan Ticimax CEO Cenk Çiğdemli, Mastercard digital üüü car and Development Director Hakan In addition to Tatlıcı and WORLDEF Chairman Ömer Nart, many company managers shared their experiences on many topics such as target market analysis of e-exports, supply chain management, international logistics, global payment systems and government incentives.

TIM is ready to solve problems in the field of e-export!

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Shot In closing speech; . ’Thanks to DHL for being the name sponsor of World E-Commerce Forum 2019. We are aware that the way out is one of Turkey's most important export email. As TİM, we listened to all the problems of the sector in the e-export workshop that we gathered all over the sector. We are starting to take a quick step towards solving the problems.

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