Arapapisdi Canyon becomes a tourism center with its unique beauty.

Arapapisdi Canyon becomes a tourism center with its unique beauty.
07 May 2019


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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to a written statement made by Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, boat tours started again in the Arabapıştı Canyon, which is located on the excursion routes of domestic and foreign tourists and in the Bozdoğan district of Aydın, where water was drained due to drought.

Local and foreign tourists who have the opportunity to visit the canyon with the boat tours performed in Kemer Dam make their memories immortal with their photographs. The natural beauty of the canyon that fascinates every visitor and the environment around it continues to work to make the center of attraction. The world's eighth wonder of the Arabapıştı Canyon, along with the increasing number of tourists with tourism, accelerated commercial tourism, also revives the commercial life.

Arapapıştı Dam's online media visibility is increasing.

DeepHaber, the center for digital media monitoring and analysis, explored the reflections of Arapapisdi Canyon, which is the center of attention with its natural beauty, on online media. According to the results of DeepHaber's scanning of more than 20 thousand online media, Arapapıştı Canyon was found to be in 309 news between January 1 and April 30, 2019. According to the months of January in January, 45 in February, 80 news in March in the 80 news topic of the Arabapıştı Canyon was the subject of news in April. 2 thousand 414 hours 54 minutes on the site news sites on the main pages of the site, while 9 sites 99 hours 38 minutes remained in the headline. The number of readings in the 309 news stories of Arapapıştı Canyon was calculated as 3 million 230 thousand 410.

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