Nejat Çarkacı donates the proceeds of his new single album to contribute to education.

Nejat Çarkacı donates the proceeds of his new single album to contribute to education.
30 April 2019

Nejat Çarkaci, who has been prominent in recent years as a songwriter and composer as well as as a commentator, has taken his place on all digital platforms with his new single album  “Azı Karar”. The artist will donate all proceeds of his new album to foundations and associations contributing to education in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Nejat Çarkacı, who was known for his songs in the 90's, had received a single album named "Sevda Yorgunu" which was released in 2016 after a long search, single album which was released in 2017 with his single albums "Varsın Ayrısun" and "Akasya Kokulu Yarim 2017". Finally, in February 2018, following his work titled yeni You Don't Excuse Me yeniden, which was published with the label of DMC, he will meet with music lovers again with his new single album an Azı Karar i, which is also his lyrics and music.

Biraz Azı Karar sorgu, with its mobile and powerful infrastructure suitable for the spirit of the summer, has promises to criticize, question, and reinterpret love states. Serkan Balkan, one of the new generation's talented arranger, made the arrangements of the song, which tells the story of a love story that is in the dilemma of tı Do I love you or I am too much for you ör dilemma. Volkan Yırtıcı, mix and mastering works were performed by vocal coaching and recordings of the work which was supported by many studios and musicians. The video clip of the joke was taken by Burak Sesli, the successful clip director with whom the artist worked together on his previous projects.

Training all of the revenue from digital platforms!

Spotify Fizy Muud and Apple all of the many digital platforms income of songs presented to the audience as his music in Turkey which contribute to the educational foundations and artists explaining associations would donate, while their feelings about the new album was as follows: "Everything should be a measure of survival. In this large, colorful universe we live in, the moment when every emotion grain flying in the air touches our soul must have a meaning. It means that it should be the guide of a fountain of life that feeds on other meanings. Love, happiness and peace on the road to everything that can be heartily and as much as possible. Shouldn't emotions have more reason than love? Yes, it should be iler Not always black or white, sometimes grays. Do you think most of all the least decision is not hurt? De

The new clip of Nejat Çarkacı can be viewed at the link of the Azı Karar.

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About Nejat Çarkacı

Born in Ankara in 1971, Nejat Çarkacı received his "Singing Education" from Hacettepe State Conservatory, Part Time Choir Department and "Classical Music Education" at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Singing. At that time, he received many awards in national and international competitions, and then he released his second solo album "Sar Beni" in 1996. After a long hiatus, he released a single single titled Sevda Yorgunu in 2016. In the nineteenth of that year, Akasya Kokulu Yarimi released her new arrangement and video clip. Nejat Çarkacı who accelerated her works again replaced her on digital platforms with Dmc label in 2018 You Can't Take Me With And immediately ar d.