Turkish Chromas Choir will accompany Bobby McFerrin at the PSM Jazz Festival!

Turkish Chromas Choir will accompany Bobby McFerrin at the PSM Jazz Festival!
29 April 2019

10-time Grammy winner vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin, mostly known with” Don’t Worry Be Happy", will perform on May 6th at the Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival. The master musician will be accompanied by Turkey’s beloved A cappella ensemble Chromas as well as his own vocal band Gimme5.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 10 Grammy-winning master musician Bobby McFerrin, who won the admiration of music lovers from around the world with his song ’Don’t Worry Be Happy”, will meet with music lovers as part of the PSM Jazz Festival. McFerrin will be accompanied by his vocal band Gimme5, as well as the Chromas choir founded by Başak Doğan, who came to the forefront with his innovative work in the field of a capella.

Bobby McFerrin on stage; The four-octave vocal width, unique vocabulary and the style he invented using his body will give him a performance full of surprises from jazz to pop, from classical to African melodies and with world music. With the concept of ept Circlesongs “; McFerrin, Gimme5 and Chromas will give the audience an unforgettable night with their unique music consisting of all the human voice, instant and vividly produced melodies and rhythms.

Chromas polyphonic music of the most important representatives in Turkey

"Rhythmic Choir", "Smart Choir" and "VOP to - Vocal Painting" (Voice Painting) Chromas in Turkey, the only representative of the discipline, then many international projects would be enough this time to play with Bobby McFerrin.

Founded in 2015 by Başak Doğan, the first Turkish student admitted to the Royal Danish Conservatory and graduated with full marks, Chromas is composed of students interested in music and volunteers from different professions and demonstrates the best examples of multi-voice music in a professional spirit.

Contact: Ece Akman | [email protected] | +90 531 250 02 75

About Chromas

Chromas is a multi-voice, acapella music choir that started its activities in 2015 under the leadership of experienced Başak Doğan. Turkey in the "Mobile Concert" series with the invention chorus with the audience, while abroad, many took to the stage at the festival. Chromas, which means colors, symbolizes polyphony and multi-color like its teams. And VOPA - which serves to establish non-verbal communication between ime Rhythmic Chorus i and var Smart Chorus m and chorus members and conductor üzerine VOPA - Vocal Painting "(Voice Painting) is the first and only practitioners of the discipline in Turkey. For more information about Chromas, Facebook and Instagram accounts can be tracked, internet sites can be visited.