Economic development in Turkey will be held with digital transformation!

Economic development in Turkey will be held with digital transformation!
26 April 2019

On 18th Univera Technology Day (UTG), this year, the theme of integrated ecosystems and sustainability was discussed. Cem Seymen participated in the event as a special speaker and the warehouse count was made with drones. Erciyes University Prof. Dr. Derviş Karaboğa, who is on the list of the most influential scientists in the world, explained the details of the research that he presented in the field of artificial intelligence based on the behavior of honey bees.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The 18th Univera Technology Day (UTG), which hosted 24 speakers and more than 250 participants, was held at Elite World Asia Hotel on Thursday (April 25th). This year's special guest, Cem Seymen, was the main sponsor of Honeywell. At the summit where participants from different sectors were hosted, Univera's local software was shared in practical way. Drone'lerle representative warehouse count, received great acclaim. Univera Technology Microsoft at the day's session sponsorship, SOTI and BMC of Univis undertaking, Turkey's leading institutions Level Marketing and Doğuş event which the food is located, shared Univera's corporate experiences in integrated business processes with solutions with the participants.

Exporting domestic software from 20 square meters office to 26 countries...

Univera General Manager Cüneyt Ersin stated that they had developed technologies with high added value for the country's economy and said: değ Since 1992, we have been producing domestic technology solutions. Univera, where we laid the foundations in an office of 20 square meters in Izmir, today exports its software to 26 countries with its team of 160 people. 12% of our turnover is obtained from export. Our goal is to increase this rate to 45%. With the software we developed entirely with local resources by maintaining approximately 25-30 million dollars each year Turkey's economy are creating significant added value. On the first day, we work with the aim of making the enterprise solutions of the future completely autonomous. Ler

"In the new story of Turkey's economy, agriculture and technology plays a vital spot."

The value added in order to keep pace with the world Pointing out that Turkey should produce high-tech Economics Editor of CNN Turk Cem Seymen, "the fundamental dynamics of the economy is now managed with high technology. We need to review many things as our country and tell the importance of algorithms, mathematics and artificial intelligence to our children. Bizim saying that Turkey's economy is at a crucial point in the story of agriculture in the new Seymen, "This land is done in agriculture 8 thousand years, but somehow becomes a vegetable hike champion each year. Errors in production, distribution or other processes often cost us both in our country and our people. Prevention of such cases and the use of technology and digital transformation for Turkey's fulfillment of the story of the new economy and development are of great importance, "he said.

”We must be like bees in digital transformation“

Artifical Bee Colony algorithm of Artificial Bee Colony (Artifical Bee Colony), which is included in the field of artificial intelligence, was presented by Erciyes University Prof. Dr. Derviş Karaboğa. ç When they encounter a problem, they do not only solve the problem, but they are also looking for ways to get profitable. Organizations should aim for the best in the digital transformation processes, such as bees, and always try to use the resources more efficiently.

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