Female/Male balance in the administration increases profitability!

Female/Male balance in the administration increases profitability!
26 April 2019

Both in Turkey and in the world, the rates of female managers are relatively low. Japan is the country with the lowest female administrative rate, while Turkey is ranked 22nd among 35 countries. Women at the executive level contribute significantly to productivity and financial success.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's first cloud-based Kolay İK personnel management system, according to research conducted in Turkey and in the world "Women Leaders odds in the world and Turkey," examined data on n. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), the World Bank, when Grant Thornton and the data published by different organizations such as McKinsey analyzed, women managers rate although the increase in comparison to men still stood out that low levels of female managers rate turns out to exhibit better financial performance of companies with high .

Gender inequality in employment continues.

According to TURKSTAT's January 2019 data, the labor force participation rate of women in the total population of 15 years and over is 33.6% in males and 71.1% in males. When we look at the countries of the world, this rate is 83% in Iceland and 49% in Mexico.

Turkey ratio of female managers in Canada, outpacing Germany and England.

Independent auditing firm Grant Thornton said in a research with more than 2 thousand 500 participants from 35 countries, in 2018 from 27% the proportion of female managers in Turkey, announced while the world average is 24%. Turkey, with the ratio of female managers 27% 25% Canada, 23% in Germany, 22% British, 21% American and 19% in better condition than the Netherlands. However, the World Bank's "When Entrepreneurship Research" examined, the majority of the proportion of female managers in the company of Turkey only 0.3%.

The highest number of women managers in the world in the field of human resources!

In the report entitled y Women in Business ”published by Grant Thornton in March 2019, the expertise of women managers was examined. According to the survey, the highest number of women managers were human resources with 43%. This is followed by finance with 34%, marketing with 20%, operational processes with 18% and sales with 17%.

Companies with a high female manager ratio provide better financial performance.

According to the Diversity Matter Report, reviewed by McKinsey, the financial achievements of companies that are able to catch close numbers of female and male employees are 15% better than other companies in their sectors. The report reveals that the presence of women in the senior management teams has many positive contributions to the employee motivation and financial performance of the companies, and that the company's profitability is increased by 7% female labor force.

In order to support the women and increase the number of women, the Kolay İK Founding Partner Gizem Sevinç explained her approach as follows: It is very important for our country and for us to contribute to the provision of gender and equality of opportunity as a HR to support women who take ler place em at the table, decide with confidence, manage and produce. We continue our business with 18 women (54%) and 15 men. We believe in the power of women! Kadınlar

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