Turkish press shared the pain of the fire in Notre Dame.

Turkish press shared the pain of the fire in Notre Dame.
26 April 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral, which was exposed to the fire in Paris, the capital of France, was the subject of more than 7,000 news in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the landmarks of Paris, the capital of France, began its restoration in April 15, 2019, and one of its towers was destroyed and its roof was completely collapsed. Thanks to the 8.5 hour long effort of the fire brigade, the main building and the main tower were saved.

DeepHaber, the digital media monitoring and analysis center, reviewed the news reflections of the post-fire Notre Dame online news. According to the results of the study prepared by scanning the channels deephaber more than 20 thousand online, Notre Dame de Paris from 15 April to 25 April 2019 Date was the subject of a total of 7 thousand 544 news in Turkey. 6 thousand 223 site 69 thousand 372 hours 35 minutes on the site pages of the main pages, while 2 thousand 317 hours of 268 sites remained in the headline 03 minutes. The number of readings of 7 thousand 544 news reports of Notre Dame was calculated as 368 million 537 thousand 574.

Victor Hugo'nun Notre Dame'in Hunchen with the name of the world announced the cathedral is also one of the world's first gothic architecture is considered one of the examples. Following the meeting of the Council of Ministers, chaired by French President Emmanuel Macron, a written statement was made on the draft law on restoration. According to the statement, in order to complete the restoration in 5 years, an exemption was granted for some legal requirements.

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