CEOs are supported by professional coaches to make company management more efficient.

CEOs are supported by professional coaches to make company management more efficient.
24 April 2019


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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the survey conducted with the participation of 200 senior executives from the FORTUNE 1000 list of the largest companies of the USA, the managers who received individual or team coaching support were found to be more productive in their working life. According to the survey, one of the three managers received coaching support, 53% of the managers reported that this support had a direct impact on productivity. 61% of managers stated that coaching support was beneficial for job satisfaction while 63% said that conflicts in bilateral relations were prevented by coaching.

Fatih Elibol, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), who evaluated the results of the survey, said: yönetim The support of company managers from professional coaches directly affects not only managers but also employees. 67% of managers say that team coaching provides a better understanding of the importance of teamwork. In this way, the way of doing business process and method is easier in many processes, management efficiency is increasing. Bu

Managers are most often supported by coaches to improve their leadership skills.

According to a study by Stanford University, 37% of top executives say they improve their leadership skills, 27% provide conflict management and 23% support coaches to make team work more efficient. The managers also state that their most developmentable skills are conflict management and leadership. 48% of the managers receiving professional coaches support the quality of work and 44% say that they increase their loyalty. Referring to the fact that the leadership coaching has contributed greatly to the change and development in the company management, PCC (Accredited Professional Coach) Fatih Elibol said, anan The invoice of the companies' financial, administrative or social negativity is cut to the managers. We see that the people of this responsibility have developed their managerial skills through their leading coaches, and have successfully come under pressure. Iler

”A $ 1 coin investment provides a $ 8 return“

In addition to the representatives of the European Union Parliament, Mr. Elibol, who supported the politicians in their management capabilities and leadership, stated that company managers showed great interest especially in developed countries. Turkey voicing the time understood the impact and benefits of coaching Elibol, "Every athlete has a coach. The managers, who are not at all low in terms of stress and performance compared to the athletes, should not be insecure about the coaches. Spor . Large business executives around the world are supported by professional coaches, Eli Elibol said. Turkey also due to business requirements and new trends in business coaching, became one of the essential requirements. Coaching, which seems to be a costly service, is actually creating added value with the effect it creates on both managers and employees. The $ 1 investment in coaching is going to be 8 dollars, 8 times.