IT companies in Turkey is slow to adapt to cloud technologies.

 IT companies in Turkey is slow to adapt to cloud technologies.
18 April 2019

Hosting Talk Global, held for the second time this year, has gathered more than 30 speakers in the cloud and hosting industry and more than 1000 industry professionals from around the world in Istanbul.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's most comprehensive hosting and cloud technologies Talk Hosting the event Global ICANN and .İstanbul Registry under the sponsorship of "The Future of the Industry" in contact with 12 to 13 April 2019 Date was held at the Grand Cevahir Hotel. The event was held 30 sessions, Turkey The future of cloud and hosting industry, hyperscale, hyper-converged infrastructures, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless technologies, Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud's impact on the industry and cloud product development strategies were discussed in detail. CEO Bhavin Turakhi to Plesk Lukas Hertig's Senior Vice President, Senior Partnership Manager digitaloce Ram Mohan place as many names as speaker, while Turkey and more than 1,000 industry professionals from around the world have been entertained.

"Hosting industry in Turkey remains slow to adapt to changes in the world."

One of the most important speakers of the event, India's largest companies in the domain and hosting area; ResellerClub, Logicboxes and Bigrock 1.2 billion cost of $ Endurance group to buy the Radix's CEO, Bhavin Turakhi to Turkey to say about the findings related to the market "players in Turkey, but in a change in the world of cloud and hosting industry is a bit of this change to adapt point he's slow. Companies need to quickly plan the necessary human resources, software and infrastructure investments that can bring more thought to and change of cloud services in order to survive the scaling problem, that is, hyperscale and competition. Abil Plesk's Senior Vice President Lukas Hertig is one of the most preferred control panels in the world. 's indirectly threaten the future of the hosting companies and IT companies and the hosting companies should keep up with the change as soon as possible.

”In 2020 we will organize the largest cloud event in the Middle East.“

In his opening speech, Burkay Yapağcıoğlu, the founder of Hosting Talk Global, stated that the aim of the event is to bring together the stakeholders of the cloud and hosting industry, to ensure that the important issues that determine the future of the industry are discussed and to inform the companies about the technologies that will keep them against the competition. Yapağcıoğlu, who gave the good news of organizing the biggest cloud event of the Middle East in 2020, said, ini We currently host one of the largest sectoral events in the region. We are organizing a cloud summit where we are aiming for more participants worldwide and will organize a regional event with wide participation from Russia, the Middle East, Europe and the Balkans.

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