The rising star of tourism: Gobeklitepe

The rising star of tourism: Gobeklitepe
10 April 2019

The rising star of tourism: Gobeklitepe

Turkey has declared 2019 “the Year of Gobeklitepe” in honor of the 12,000-year-old temple in southeastern Turkey, tourism to the world’s oldest archeological site is expected to boom.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The interest in Göbeklitepe, which is regarded as the zero point of history and included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO, continues to increase. Göbeklitepe, located in the province of Şanlıurfa in the district of Haliliye, Örencik, is known as the first temple of faith and the oldest cultural heritage. The year 2019 was announced as the aya Göbeklitepe Year aya in the tourism sector, and the region, which has been flocked by domestic and foreign tourists, continues to announce its name to the world through the events to be organized during the year. Göbeklitepe is expected to increase tourism investments in response to the need for accommodation with the acceleration of tourism in the region and thus create employment opportunities for the people of the region.

Göbeklitepe's online visibility is growing!

DeepHaber, a center for digital media monitoring and analysis, explored Göbeklitepe's reflections on online media, which became a center of attraction. Göbeklitepe, which is mentioned in various contents such as series shootings, exhibitions, fairs and concerts, received the most reflections in the news with the ere influx of visitors Dizi. According to the results of DeepHaber's survey of more than 20 thousand online media, Göbeklitepe was found to be a total of 13,453 news from January 1 to March 31, 2019. According to the months, it was 3.290 in January, 2,941 news in February and 7,222 in March. The news published on the 10,171 site was 142.994 hours and 33 minutes on the main pages of the sites, while 212 sites were on the headline for 2,445 hours and 59 minutes. The number of 13,453 news stories of Göbeklitepe was calculated as 417,034,630.

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