New Product From İçim Fit: “Lactose Free Coffee’

New Product From İçim Fit: “Lactose Free Coffee’
28 March 2019

New Product From İçim Fit: “Lactose Free Coffee’

For me, Fit introduced protein-rich milk to the market and launched the new product, lactose-free coffee. İçim Fit Süt with 30 g protein in a bottle; offers a new alternative for those who adopt a healthy, active and fit lifestyle.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - İçim, which is one of the leading brands of milk and dairy products sector, has signed an innovative product. The importance of protein consumption is increasing day by day with the increasing sporting trend and healthy eating habits. The importance of protein consumption in the development of muscles is a known fact. İçim Fit Marketing Manager Tuğrul Çepni said that a bottle of İçim Fit helped the body to meet approximately 60% of its daily protein needs. Those who want healthy and good life not only do sports but also prefer to consume the right foods to their needs in a practical and enjoyable way. Protein is critical for those who are trying to develop muscle, who are interested in different sports and who want to eat healthy. Therefore, in line with the needs of our consumers; With the focus on physical development, we aimed to accelerate muscle formation and provide nutritional support. İç In addition to those interested in different sports, İçim Fit ilgileneni of consumers; While meeting the daily protein needs, they can use it as a delicious and healthy snacks.

Çepni said that caffeine helps increase calorie control while increasing the body's metabolic rate and at the same time giving it toughness. During and after sport; The ideal drink for breakfast, when you want to have your lunch a little and for snacks. We also offered a healthy alternative to start the day in the morning and feel vigorous. 

İçim Fit is a perfect alternative for your diet with its non-lactose-free milk and no added sugar. You can meet your daily protein needs in a delicious and enjoyable way by choosing from the alternatives of İçim Fitızıs coffee, chocolate and vanilla alternatives that you meet with three different flavors.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About İçim

Having entered the milk and dairy products market in 1998, İçim, the consumer brand of Ak Gıda, has been meeting the consumers with its natural, delicious, high quality, hygienic and nutritious products ranging from milk to yoghurt, kevir, fresh cheese to ready pudding. Turkey consumed around the inside lovingly, since 1998, by listening to consumers and continues to work taking into consideration the needs. As of 2015, İçim is among the top 3 brands in the milk and dairy products market with 120 different product types in 12 main categories: milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, butter, kefir, cream and cream.

About Ak Gıda

Founded in 1996, Ak Gıda is the largest enterprise in the milk and dairy products sector with its 5 production facilities and 4 thousand 500 tons daily milk processing capacity. The journey of Ak Gıda, starting with UHT milk, yoghurt, white and cheddar cheese products, continues today with a range of 330 products ranging from cottage cheese to creamy yoghurts and milk desserts to kefas.