All about Healthy and Fit Life at this Festival

All about Healthy and Fit Life at this Festival
05 April 2019

All about Healthy and Fit Life at this Festival

Turkey's largest wellness festival “Diyet Fest”, is preparing to welcome more than 8 thousand visitors on 13-14 April in Küükçüftylik Park. Dozens of interviews, sports activities and workshops will be organized under the main sponsorship of “İçim Kefir”

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ISTANBUL (TR) - which welcomes thousands of visitors last year, Turkey's largest wellness festival Festa diet, kefir inside the main sponsor of this year will be held on April 13-14 Küçükçiftlik Maçka Park. Diet and healthy nutrition issues will be handled in detail in the festival; With the participation of famous dietitians, sports activities, healthy food recipes, tastings, sweepstakes, competitions and DJ performances, it is aimed that the participants enjoy a pleasant weekend. Ece Seçkin will perform on 13th of April Saturday and Berkay will perform on Sunday, 14th April.

There's flavor in health!

As part of the Diet Fest 2019, all the curiosities about healthy nutrition and diet will be answered firstly by the famous dietitians, while the healthy recipes that can be prepared easily in daily life will meet with the visitors. İçim Kefir, the main sponsor of the festival, will share its light and delicious recipes as it approaches the summer months with its healthy and delicious smoothie workshop. In the program, which will include interviews about Kefir, information about the benefits of kefir and its place in our nutrition routine will be given. Children of 0-12 years of age are free to participate in the festival program, which includes children's healthy nutrition activities.

The contribution of kefir to healthy and good life will be discussed.

I It is believed that the secret of long-term and healthy people living in the Caucasus is kefir, belirt said Sevim Baklaci, Director of Marketing at Innovation, who stated that they would have the opportunity to transfer many unknowns about healthy living and nutrition to consumers. We aim to raise awareness among consumers about the fact that kefir should be a part of healthy life and daily consumption habits. We will convey the contribution of İçim Kefir to healthy and well-being in our stands and workshops. These platforms, which can inform our consumers in detail about the benefits of probiotics, will open the doors of healthy and good life. Participants will be able to experiment with our probiotic beverage kefir varieties containing different bacteria and different products throughout the festival. Katılım

In addition, the importance of protein for the athlete will be discussed in the interview, before and after the sports nutrition recommendations will be presented. With its high protein content,% 60 of the body's daily protein needs can be met, lactose-free and extra sugar-free. Chocolate and vanilla will also find its participants the opportunity to experience the flavor of the protein, as well as innovative products for the first time coffee varieties that fit inside a coffee with milk in Turkey invention.

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About İçim

Having entered the milk and dairy products market in 1998, İçim, the consumer brand of Ak Gıda, has been meeting the consumers with its natural, delicious, high quality, hygienic and nutritious products ranging from milk to yoghurt, kevir, fresh cheese to ready pudding. Turkey consumed around the inside lovingly since 1998, and continues to work listening to consumers considering their needs. As of 2015, İçim brings together 120 different product types in 12 main categories, including milk, yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk, butter, kefir, cream and cream, and ranks among the top 3 brands in the milk and dairy products market.

About Ak Gıda

Founded in 1996, Ak Gıda is the largest enterprise in the milk and dairy products sector with its 5 production facilities and 4 thousand 500 tons daily milk processing capacity. The journey of Ak Gıda with UHT milk, yoghurt, feta cheese and cheddar cheese production continues today, with a range of 330 products ranging from cottage cheese to creamy yoghurt and milk desserts.