Number of working mothers in Turkey reached to 3,2 million

Number of working mothers in Turkey reached to 3,2 million
26 March 2019

Number of working mothers in Turkey reached to 3,2 million

17% of working mothers in Turkey prefer paid care options such as nurseries, kindergarten or caregivers for the care of their children. Nearly half a million working parents receive support from grandparents or relatives for the care of their children.

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Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software Kolay İK has examined "Compliance Survey of the Work and Family Life" report that was published by Turkey Statistics Institute. According to datas 36.3% of the 8.8 million women in business in Turkey (3.2 million) responsible for the care of children under the age of 15. 

Nearly half a million working mothers receive support from their parents.
In Turkey, 3.5 million working parents in any support suggests that for 83% of children in care, 13% of kindergarten and professional care centers such as kindergarten, 3% of home caregivers run, while 1% with both prefer It is. Half of 3 million mothers who do not receive paid support in the care of their children are looking after their children or their spouse. The percentage of those who received the support of grandparents or grandparents for their children was 15.2%. 12.2% of mothers not receiving external care support find the care services expensive.
The most difficult, mothers in executive positions are on leave.
Kolay İK also examined the effects of responsibility of having children on working life. 83.3% of women in business life stated that they did not change the current working order after they had children, 5.3% decreased their working hours, 4.1% said they had made changes to increase income, 2.5% less compelling says he undertakes missions. When the paid mothers can be flexible during working hours or the possibility of obtaining full-time leave is examined, 42% of them say they can get permission, while 28% say it is not possible. While mothers working as service and salespersons can get more permission, mothers in managerial positions are in the profession group that can get the hardest permission.

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