Mobile devices took the lead for the first time in online shopping

Mobile devices took the lead for the first time in online shopping
25 March 2019

Mobile devices took the lead for the first time in online shopping

Ideasoft announced the 2018 results of the SMEs in E-commerce Report, which has been published annually since 2013. According to the report, the first time the number of orders from mobile devices for internet shopping exceeded the desktop.​

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The 2018 results of the sağlayıcı "SMEs in E-Commerce Report" prepared by Ideasoft, the leading e-commerce infrastructure provider to shed light on the digitalization processes of SMEs, were published. In the report, Ideasoft's more than 4 million orders of more than 6,500 virtual stores were examined. In 2018, the number of orders placed on mobile devices for the first time was doubled and the number of orders from e-commerce sites increased by 44% compared to the previous year and reached 4 million 482 thousand. Marmara, the most shopping area on the internet while maintaining the title, the first choice of consumers online shopping was on Monday.

Orders from mobile devices increased by 122%.
The most remarkable point in the results of the Leader Ideasoft SME E-Commerce Report 2018 was the increase in the number of orders placed on mobile devices. The number of mobile orders, which increased by 122% compared to 2017 and reached to 2.2 million, left desktop orders for the first time. Traffic from mobile devices to e-commerce sites nearly tripled the desktop. Examining the conversion rate of page views to sales is the leader of the desktop. Users accessing e-commerce sites from desktop devices placed an order in each 164 views, while an order in 384 views was created on the mobile.

Eastern Anatolia grew by 40% and Southeast Anatolia by 24%.
The most preferred area of ​​online shopping is Marmara with 53.1%, Central Anatolia with 15.7%, Aegean with 12.8%, Mediterranean with 8.9%, Black Sea with 4.8%, with 2.6% South Eastern Anatolia was followed by Eastern Anatolia with 2.1%. 47.5% of online orders were made from Istanbul. It was followed by Ankara with 10,3%, İzmir with 7,9% and Bursa with 3,8%.

We are shopping online to get rid of the "Monday Syndrome" 
When online orders were analyzed according to their timings, autumn was the most ordered season with the effect of special discount days such as Back to School, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and summer was the most stagnant season of online shopping. Ediy Monday Syndrome continues its positive contribution to e-commerce. Consumers prefer Monday most of their internet shopping, while one of the 4 orders during the day is between 13.00 - 16.00.

There is no confidence problem in credit card usage in e-commerce.
While shopping on e-commerce sites, 65% of payments were made by credit card, 24% by door and 8% by EFT / wire transfer. While 31% of credit card shopping customers were using Garanti Bank cards, 17% preferred Akbank, 16% Yapı Kredi and 9% İşbank. While 54.4% of credit card users in online shopping preferred 2 or 3 installments, the number of consumers exceeding 6 installments was only 10%.

Half of the online stores are trying to create a competitive advantage with free shipping.
In 2017, 38% of online shopping offered free shipping, while in 2018 it reached 49%. E-commerce sites aim to stand out in the competition by meeting the shipping costs, while trying to motivate consumers to purchase behavior. Aras Kargo ranked first with 33%, Yurtici Cargo with 30% and MNG Cargo with 14%.

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