The digital transformation of POS systems

The digital transformation of POS systems
22 March 2019

The digital transformation of POS systems

Smartphones can now be used as POS devices with the digital payment system developed by Provision.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - which develops software solutions for payment systems Provision, MasterCard Global and ING Bank introduced together with the projects carried out a first in Turkey directly Android-based mobile devices softpos application that converts the POS terminals were implemented. Thanks to the free download from the Google Play Store; No need for POS devices while shopping, payments can be made directly via Android phones without the need for an extra device with NFC technology used (wireless near field communication). Supporting next-generation digital payment methods such as mobile wallets, SoftPOS will successfully complete all certification processes requested by MasterCard and VISA and allow secure shopping. The pilot project will be started in March with ING Bank and it is aimed to reach more than 50 million mobile users based on Android in a short time. The widespread use of SoftPOS will provide considerable time and cost savings to both businesses and banks.

7 is made with a credit card every 10 shopping in Turkey.

Since 2005, providing great convenience to users of the software solutions created in since payment system Provisioner's CEO Nihat Karabacak, "the Interbank Card Center (BKM) According to 2018 data paid with 7 credit card every 10 shopping in Turkey. On the other hand, 66 million 304 thousand 603 credit cards and 146 million 375 thousand 337 debit cards, 1 million 586 thousand 747 POS devices. The number of those who choose to contactless increased by three times between the years 2015-2017. The number of people using Android-based smart devices exceeded 70 million. Everything's at a time when figures about the digitalisation card and smart device user, the clearly demonstrates that there is a great potential in Turkey. Providing convenience and security of payment systems in the payment softpos short time ago in Turkey, then we foresee that it would spread to the millions of businesses and Android users abroad"

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