Online furniture sales are booming in Turkey!

Online furniture sales are booming in Turkey!
21 March 2019
Online furniture sales are booming in Turkey! 

Furniture sales via e-commerce sites in Turkey showed a 20% increase in the last three years and the online furniture market turnover reached 1 billion 56 million dollars. It is also expected to continue this increase in online furniture sales in 2019.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In 2018, sales of furniture made through e-commerce sites worldwide increased by 15% compared to the previous year and reached 272 billion dollars. We Are Social and published by HootSuite "Digital Turkey in 2019" According to the report, Turkey has increased in the last three years, e-commerce sales of furniture that have occurred over the site by 20% and total volume reached 1 billion 56 million dollars. While this trend is expected to continue in 2019; 10% increase in sales of at least $ 1.5 billion in Turkey, the world's 10% increase is expected to be $ 300 billion. Following this trend and aiming to create a sustainable marketplace in the furniture sector,, established in 2018, aims to continue sectoral growth in e-commerce and to improve the trade volume to the benefit of producers and consumers.

E-commerce in the furniture industry eliminates physical difficulties.

Turkey from 46 performs exporting classic furniture country Assortment Furniture Chairman Murat Erat and industry in 50 years of experience with Mission furniture was established by Sahin Erhan Chairman I, it continues investing allegedly eliminate problems in physical sales. Referring to the fact that e-commerce increases its influence in many areas from electronics to food and clothing, Murat Erat says: etk E-commerce is a great benefit for many sectors. Although the importance of e-commerce in the furniture industry is not yet so noticeable in the world, e-commerce is of great importance in solving physical problems such as the difficulties in storage processes and limited exhibition areas. By moving thousands of options to digital, we make the decision-making processes more comfortable by providing consumers with the opportunity to see and compare all the products in this world where there are no physical boundaries.

Turkish furniture will spread to the world with e-export!

In 2017, the ratio of those who preferred online platforms for online shopping was 43%, compared to 67% in 2018. Despite the decrease in the number of e-commerce sites, increasing the number of users and trade volume, Murat Erat continues his words. "In Turkey and in the world before items of 86% of internet users to search on the internet reveals the importance of e-commerce in presenting the product and demonstrate. Turkish furniture is already attracting great attention in the world. Thanks to e-commerce platforms, it is possible to make Turkish furniture accessible and to e-export to different parts of the world.

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