Coffee consumption in Turkey reached approximately 100 thousand tons!

 Coffee consumption in Turkey reached approximately 100 thousand tons!
20 March 2019

Coffee consumption in Turkey reached approximately 100 thousand tons!

Total coffee consumption in Turkey has increased by 13.2% last five years. Turkey consumes more than 1 kilograms of coffee per capita annually.​

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World Coffee Consumption Report 2018 prepared by International Coffee Organization (ICO) was announced. According to the data collected by the "Online PR Agency B2Press", which analyzes the coffee consumption of countries; showing the last 5 years 13.2% increase in coffee consumption in Turkey reached 93.9 thousand tons. The top of the list was the US with 1.5 million tons per year, followed by Brazil with 1.3 million tons and Japan with 465 thousand tons.

While 2.6 million tons of coffee was consumed in the European Union countries, Finland with a consumption of more than 12 kilograms per capita per year, Finland has settled at the top of the world. Coffee enthusiast Finland, the coldest countries in Europe, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland followed. In Turkey, the first time in 2018, surpassing annual per capita coffee consumption has reached 1.1 kilograms to 1 kilogram.

The world's most expensive coffee is in Doha’da, Istanbul is in the 71st place!

Swiss-based financial consultancy company UBS'in published data on the purchase index, B2Press, a cup of coffee in Istanbul announced that the average price of $ 1.41. Istanbul ranked 71st in the world's most expensive coffee-drinking list at this price. The first of the list is Doha, the capital of Qatar. Doha, where a cup of coffee is an average of 6,4 dollars, followed by Copenhagen with $ 6,24 and Dubai with $ 5.70. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the 23rd most popular coffee market in the world, with Nigeria's capital Lagos at 0.62 dollars. The average price of a cup of coffee in Doha is 10,5 cups of coffee in Lagos.

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