The future of e-export will be discussed in Izmir

The future of e-export will be discussed in Izmir
18 March 2019

The future of e-export will be discussed in Izmir

This year Turkey's e-export potential which will be held in Izmir "DHL e-Export Conference" will take place on Monday, March 25.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - yıl DHL E-Export Conference ’will be held for the first time in Izmir this year with the theme of ı E-Export-Oriented Economy-Saving Economy İhracat. World E-commerce Forum (Worldef) and the Aegean Exporters Association (EIB) will be held with the contribution of the name of the sponsorship DHL, the main sponsorship of the company will undertake. At the Conference, each year an average of 25% of international e-growing areas of opportunity for manufacturers across Turkey Turkey's e-commerce and how to evaluate the export potential will be discussed. The conference will be attended by 25 experts and more than 1000 participants and will also include targeted market analysis, incentives, payment methods, digital marketing and logistics.

"E-export business, has a key importance for the growth of Turkey's economy"

In 2014, the volume of e-commerce in the world reached 1.3 trillion dollars and reached $ 2.8 trillion in 2018. This figure is expected to exceed 3.5 trillion dollars by the end of 2019, and in 2021 the global e-commerce volume is expected to approach $ 5 trillion. According to official data 2017 having with 3 shares per thousand of total exports, export email stating that exceed $ 500 million World E-commerce Forum President Omar Nart, "Turkey's export email first in the 'apparel and textile products' place taking. Textile is followed by or cosmetics ’, ürün mother-baby’,-automotive-supplier industry ’and-electronic products Tek. Stating that exports play a key role in the growth of Turkey's e-economy Nart quoted Omar said: "Turkey, with a volume of 831 billion e-commerce with Asia 346 billion dollars is among Europe. Our country can easily increase e-export volume as a new center between these two major continents. To this end, we know only a duty to inform manufacturers and retailers are the major stakeholders of the e-export all over the world not only in Turkey by bringing together e-export conference. "

In 2020, international e-commerce will reach 1 trillion dollars.

International Trade in recent years showed a great development of DHL Express Deputy General Manager for Sales Boğaç Özsan, “In 2015, the amount of exports made by e-commerce in the world is 300 billion dollars, today is estimated to be 1 trillion dollars for 2020. Increasingly, we expect that the contribution of e-commerce to the national economies will increase rapidly both by the consumer and the producer. ” Developing technology does not distance consumers while shopping online Özsan said, "Our manufacturers with the participation of e-exports from all over the world in a way that is more advantageous than traditional methods of export," he said.

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