Online car insurance co-operation between the and Telesure Insurance!

Online car insurance co-operation between the  and Telesure Insurance!
14 March 2019

Online car insurance co-operation between the  and Telesure Insurance! began to offer users the possibility to purchase online automobile insurance and traffic insurance in cooperation with Telesure Insurance.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - With the cooperation of Telesure Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage, which puts user satisfaction at the forefront of its products and services, it has realized a new service. has more than 500,000 automobile ads. offers fast and easy evaluation comfort on a single page.

With the cooperation of Telesure, users can buy and install automobile insurance, tailored to their needs and budgets, comparing competitively available automobile and traffic insurance offers from many different insurance companies. The current service for cars, SUVs and motorcycles can be accessed through the web site of, mobile site and mobile applications. Users who enter information about themselves and their vehicles from the Car Insurance Offers menu or from www.sahandir-trademia-insurance- can compare offers from more than 20 insurance companies on a single page.

Burak Ertaş, CEO, talked about the benefits of the new product to users by making an assessment of the insurance offer service. Ertas in his speech: "Turkey today's the day we were founded as an approach that puts the user experience and the satisfaction of the center, thinking how we develop our products we can offer more benefits. We aimed to offer benefits to our users who trade in the insurance sector and to make the process fast and practical. In this respect, we have developed a system that allows our users to purchase insurance services easily and at affordable prices by working with Telesure. Bu

Telesure Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Bradley Du Chenne, CEO, said: o People who buy or plan to buy a car usually consider purchasing motor vehicles and compulsory traffic insurance after vehicle sales. Thanks to this cooperation between and Telesure, buyers; The comparative insurance offers offered by Telesure can be easily accessed via a single page and the tool can complete with the process of counting. 

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