Individual Philanthropists Tell Inspirational Stories

Individual Philanthropists Tell Inspirational Stories
14 March 2019

Individual Philanthropists Tell Inspirational Stories

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) has published a new video series in order to contribute to the development of the culture of individual philanthropy.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Third Sector Foundation (TUSEV) new series of encouraging the fundraising and philanthropy culture in Turkey and strategic donation's arrival be easier to provide an infrastructure for change conducted since 2011 that Inspiration prepared within the scope Donation Project Donors Tells video work published. Within the scope of the video work, which was launched in 2017, the donors who regularly donate from different profiles, NGOs and non-governmental organizations share their donation stories and contribute to raising awareness on strategic donations in the society.

10 In the new video series featuring inspiring donor stories; Mehmet Ateş, the civil society employee Birce Altay, musician Kalben, Mazars Denge CEO and Sustainability Ambassador İzel Levi Coşkun, Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation (İKSV) General Manager Görgün Taner, barber Rasim Uyan, editor and writer Hande Birsay, Fenerbahce Men's Basketball and Turkey National Men's Basketball Team athletes Sinan Guler, 91-year-old marathon runner Safdar Kartoglu and entrepreneurs Bigchef's brand co-founder John explaining why they do through non-governmental organizations Cizreli donate their share of bağışçılık experience.

Within the scope of the study, which is prepared with short sections of all donors' stories, the video of each donor will be donated on Monday and Thursday since March 18, 2019, because it will be shared on the social media channels of TÜSEV and Donation for Change with the #department for # exchange and # amount.

Videos can be watched from the YouTube account of the Donation Project for Change, where the inspiring donors share their motivation for donations, the reasons they choose to make donations through non-governmental organizations, the amount of donations made and the opinions they have about volunteering in NGOs and their ideas on the areas they prefer to support.


Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (European Foundation) in 1993, civil society, legal, was established to improve the financial and operational infrastructure. For 25 years civil society has been working with the support of members of the Board of Trustees in order to be able to operate in a more favorable environment and to provide solutions to the common problems encountered.

About the Donation Project for Change

Donation for Change, TÜSEV under the Social Investment program areas, to promote the fundraising and philanthropy culture in Turkey and provide a strategic infrastructure that facilitates the donation in order to be able to develop a project carried out since 2011. The activities under the project to investigate the current state of fundraising and philanthropy in Turkey and examination of individual and institutional methods and disseminating tools for donation increases, the encouragement of learning between peers, different bağışçılık model of promotion and donation of legislation to the dissemination of advocacy for improvement so as to encourage more work.

Contact: Birce Altay | [email protected]