Shift workers effort more than 8 hours a week!

Shift workers effort more than 8 hours a week!
28 February 2019

Shift workers effort more than 8 hours a week!

Hours of work in Turkey decreased by approximately 12% over the past decade. However, especially shift workers are working 8-14 hours more per week than employees with fixed working hours.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cloud-based personnel management software and human resources platform Kolay examined working time in travel, health services, and food industries according to data of Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). Accordingly, the weekly working time in Turkey in the last ten years was reduced by about 12%. While 11.7% of the total workforce in our country is working in shifts, this rate is 17% in the European Union (EU) countries. Shift and among employees during the hours fixed working hours in the EU, although there is a remarkable difference in weekly working time, health in Turkey, production, in food and sectors with shift work system, such as traveling employees weekly average of 8-14 hours doing more over time. Kolay put into service Shift Management module to facilitate shift planning.

7,3% of women and 13,5% of men work shifts.

Kolay with its Shift Management module has been able to provide a solution to the shift planning and follow-up problem between industry and employer in many sectors. Co-founder of Kolay, Çağlar Yalı, stated that: "In In our country where approximately 3.3 million people work in shifts, 7,3% of women and 13,5% of men work in shifts. We aim to increase the productivity of shift workers by digitizing human resources processes and to provide two-way benefits between employers and employees. The majority of shift employees continue their business life without knowing which days and hours to work in the following week. Even many doctors in Turkey, followed by seizures can not be digitally. We bring 100% domestic and radical solution to this problem. At the end of the month, it is possible to get a click and get the salary calculation automatically."

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