E-commerce Sector Loved Valentine’s Day

E-commerce Sector Loved Valentine’s Day
14 February 2019

E-commerce Sector Loved Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gave a big boost to e-commerce sales. Couples received the most jewelry as a gift. According to Ideasoft's report, online shopping increased by 21.5% compared to the previous month, along with Valentine's Day.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's leading e-commerce company ıdeasoft infrastructure, users and 4 million who received orders from the 7000 e-commerce company; jewelry, shoes, electronic goods, cosmetics, souvenir products selling 953 companies selecting Valentine's Day week of online shopping examined. According to the report which analyzed the orders of 951 virtual stores between February 1-14; With the Valentine's Day, internet orders increased by 21.5% compared to the previous month. Jewelry / jewelry, cosmetics and souvenirs became the most preferred gift groups for internet shopping for Valentine's Day.

Spending online shopping with Valentine's Day has doubled

14 February special offers and online deals led consumers to the internet in the selection of gifts. When the expenditures made for Valentine's Day gifts were examined, the amount of spending for jewelry and jewelery products increased by 114% in the first two weeks of February compared to the same period of January. While the increase in watch and optical products reached 100%, the increase in cosmetics products was 49%, in gift items 38,5% in shoes and in apparel in 17% increase in spending.

Most of the gifts received from the internet of the Valentine's most order increase in jewelry and jewelry

In the first two weeks of February, the number of orders increased. The number of jewelry and jewelery orders increased by 108% in the Valentine's Day week and took the first place in the gift shopping. Cosmetic product orders including makeup materials, perfume and care products increased by 66%. In special days, 30% of the shoes and ready-to-wear products and 24% of the souvenirs increased. The most limited increase was in book orders with 16% and in electronic products with 9%.

Ideasoft CEO Seyhun Özkara commented on the subject: ’Shopping on e-commerce platforms on special days makes a great contribution to the economy. In particular, additional discounts for consumers and special marketing designs carry the decision to purchase digital images. Thanks to this growing interest in e-commerce, Ideasoft, which hosts an average of 4 million orders per year, is growing 35% every year. Ticaret

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