1.8 tons of water wasted per day for a person in Turkey

1.8 tons of water wasted per day for a person in Turkey
11 February 2019

1.8 tons of water wasted per day for a person in Turkey

In Turkey, agricultural, industrial and domestic water consumption for a person reaches a daily average of 1,800 liters. Turkey is among the countries with the highest consumption of water. If the required saving measures are not taken, it is estimated that the surface water will be reduced by 20% in 2030.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - B2Press Online PR Agency examined the data on agriculture, industry and domestic water use in the countries. According to the examination, 73% of the total irrigation water consumption in Turkey, 15.5% and 11.3% of the industry meet household needs. In Turkey agriculture, industry and 1.8 tons of water consumed per person per day for domestic consumption, the world's most water in New Zealand from a person consumes 5.9 tons of water a day spent in the country. In the United States 4.3, Greece 2.4 and in Spain per day, 1.9 tonnes of water per person is spent. In Turkey, which is one of the countries threatened water resources among European countries, as well as the rise of temperature due to the global threat of climate change, increasing population increases. If the saving measures are not taken, it is predicted that the surface waters will decrease by 20% in 2030.

Among the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, improvement of clean water resources has an important place. According to research on the subject, 2.4 billion people in the world cannot access clean water resources. Approximately 1000 children die every day due to lack of water, and many other diseases. 90% of the limited water supply in the world is used in agricultural irrigation and industry. Leaving 80% of the water used throughout the world without any treatment is threatening the safety of clean water resources. Until 2050, drought and desertification will continue to increase in the world, 1 out of 4 people are expected to have difficulty in reaching water resources. By 2030, the protection of water-related ecosystems and the development of treatment technologies are crucial for the protection of water resources.

Turkey ranked 41th in the available water resources.

In the world, which is covered with 70% water, only 1% of the total water resources is classified as accessible fresh water resources. According to information compiled b2press Online PR Agency, total available water resources of 211 billion cubic meters per year with Turkey, ranks 41 among 171 countries in the world. The first of the list was Brazil with 8 trillion cubic meters a year, the second with 4.5 trillion cubic meters of Russia, the third with 3 trillion cubic meters of America, the fourth with 2.9 trillion cubic meters of Canada and the fifth with 2.8 trillion cubic meters of China. The least available countries were the Kuwait and Bahamas with 20 million cubic meters, while the last countries were the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Malta.

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