Giant cooperation with South Korea to Turkey’s domestic production ATMs

Giant cooperation with South Korea to Turkey’s domestic production ATMs
04 December 2018

Technology giant LG Group’s structure located in the ATEC AP, DG Works with financial technology products that improve Turkey’s domestic production pushed the button for the ATM brand OVI ™. Within the scope of production cooperation to be completed in 3 phases, Factory and ATM R & D center will be established. The mass production of local OVIA ™ ATMs, which will have a localization rate of over 80%, is expected to start in 2019.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The world's giant South Korean LG Group's financial automation field producing subsidiary ATEC our country with APR domestic banking technologies operating in the DG Works, as a result of the ongoing negotiations for a while, factory Turkey's first domestic production of ATMs and R & D agreed to establish a center. OVI ™ brand to the market in our country's domestic production will be presented ATMs, Turkey's all possible with the work of engineers and software components to be produced in Turkey and aims to have local content of over 80%. Thanks to this cooperation, a 20% increase in the last 5 years the number is expected to exceed 50 thousand ATMs in Turkey's dependence on foreign sources and to contribute to reducing the deficit, exports reached nearly 700 million dollars.

The work plan including the installation of Factory and R & D Center will be completed in 3 phases.

In the first phase of the work plan consisting of 3 phases, the feasibility studies for serial production will be completed with the R & D and demo studies of 3 different products. In the second 6 months, it is aimed to take the title of R & D Center, to start the production of the factory by mass production and to start to serve the field service team. In the last phase before the end of 2019 to spread the ATM market in Turkey and abroad will focus on growth markets.

Within the scope of the cooperation, 3 products were selected among the 5 products that DGI Works has already developed and included in the portfolio, prioritizing R & D and production processes. The first one will be the newly developed olarak Cash Recycle ATM nesil, which is known as the basic need of banks. The priority products include the ir Open ATM M (OTM), which is open to many banks and applications, and the Exchange ATM bank (ETM), which offers the possibility of exchange between foreign currencies and Turkish Lira.

"Our goal is to produce in Turkey and sell to the world '"

South Korea indicates that they are a leader in the financial markets ATEC automation API Inhong CEO Lee said the following: "the brotherhood of the two countries from Turkey and South Korea are giving importance to Turkey due date. The joint venture, which we started with DGI Works, will be completed at the end of the first 6 months. The fact that at least one Turkish bank and the official authorities of the state support this initiative will accelerate our investment decision. AP ATEC technology and capital support, DGI Works with an active presence in Turkey and market innovative products, exports all over the world will discuss the signing of a cooperation in capacity, we hope, "he said.

He said "Evaluating the process of cooperation DG Works CEO Ozer Akçınar "in the financial world with one of the leading company in the field of automation AP ATEC out to reduce the dependency on Turkey's banking technology have taken a very important step. We were already doing a boutique production. Although the design and software of the products we produce is 100% domestic and it belongs to us, we had to buy half of the ATM parts from abroad and our locality rate ranged from 49% to 62%. Now these investments and joint ventures with local content of removing over 80% of our country by exporting to the world from Turkey will create maximum value. 

In addition to DGI Works' new investment plans; With İsCepMatiks developed for İsbank since 2015, it continues to sell smart ATMs called Smart Teller Machine which enables many banking transactions by using only mobile banking application without needing a bank card.

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About DGI Works
Founded in 2015 with 100% domestic capital, DGI Works produces new generation banking technologies. DGI Works has been developing innovative products for banking products, especially for domestic ATMs. Among the product portfolio developed by DGI Works is the cash recycle ATM; Smart ATM (STM), which can process with mobile applications, open ATM (OTM) which is open to many banks and applications, Bitcoin ATM (BTM) developed for crypto money exchanges and Exchange ATM (ETM) for exchange offices.

About ATEC AP 
The South Korean ATEC AP, formerly LG CNS, which has been operating in the financial automation business of LG Group for the last 30 years, has been restructured as of December 2017 and with the aim of being a strong player in ATM sector, strives to deliver the best value.