Books provide the development of abstract intelligence in children!

Books provide the development of abstract intelligence in children!
29 January 2019

Books provide the development of abstract intelligence in children!

While the development of abstract intelligence continues until the age of 25, 75% is between 0-4 years of age. Experts, children's imagination and cognitive intelligence to improve the need to read a book, he points out.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to a study by international children's book publisher Scholastic, books contribute to the development of creative thinking and imagination skills in children. The imagination and cognitive intelligence of children who read books are developing much faster than those who do not. Emphasizing that the perceptions of today's children are very clear, writer Senem Öcal underlines that parents should regularly read fairy tale books to their children in pre-school period.

According to the study, only 54% of children between 0-5 years old are reading books on certain days of the week. This rate falls to 34% in children between the ages of 6 and 8 years, while it falls to 17% between 9-11 years of age. Author Senem Öcal underlines that reading aloud to children greatly contributes to the development of abstract intelligence. In Children who have an emotional connection with the book read by parents are dreaming more and dreaming of creativity. As children grow up, parents leave them reading books. The child who is learning to read says end you learned it anyway, you read it Ok. However, 40% of children between the ages of 6-11 and 5 years of age after their parents want to read books, -11 he said.

In Families should be selective in the selection of books to be read to children

Senem Öcal stated that parents had a great responsibility for the choice of books. Ere Parents should be examined before taking books to the children. says it should. Children between the ages of 7-12 usually prefer fun and popular books. The rapid circulation of a book does not mean that the book will contribute to children in the future. When the children's books that have kept their popularity since the past are examined, the mastery of the realism and the fiction with a fluent expression in the fairy tale is the mastery of both these books and the reason why the books are universal. 

The book that developed the aesthetic imagination of children: Mau Kingdom and Cat Philosophy

The book, zek Mau Kingdom and Cat Philosophy katkı, which Senem Öcal penned and portrayed, aims to contribute positively to his creative intellect by influencing both his aesthetic descriptions and his imaginary imagination. The book's main character, the lovely cat Mau, is sent to the world by her father King Miyiv and her mother, Queen Luna, along with cat Fredo from the planet Mau. Here he starts to learn the characteristics of the cat breed from his teacher Fredo. After Fredo, Mau meets Oli, an owl. Together they embark on a philosophical journey. They both learn new things and learn good concepts that they learn. Queen Zavinya, the most powerful witch in the orbit of the orbit at the time, comes to Earth after Mau and seeks her, but never reaches the conclusion she wants.

In the book Mau Kingdom and Cat Philosophy, where themes of friendship, goodness, benevolence, nature, animals and love of books are handled, there are many sections that will expand the imagination of children.

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