20 billion dollars in housing exports!

20 billion dollars in housing exports!
29 January 2019

20 billion dollars in housing exports!

The real estate sector, which has an 80% localization rate, constitutes an important export item with the sale of houses to foreigners. Turkey With about 40 thousand housing units sold to foreigners in 2018 reached a volume of $ 6 billion export issue. Foreign investor incentives, VAT reductions and the reduction of the citizenship limit contributed greatly to foreign sales.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Made in Turkey in 2018 home sales of 2.4% compared to the previous year despite a decline in residential sales to foreigners rose by 78% to reach 39 663. The sale of the house to the foreigner, which has become an important export channel for the real estate sector and reached to a volume of 6 billion dollars, has brought the national economy to 4.8 billion dollars with a localization rate of 80%. President of the GYODER Real Estate Export Committee and Chairman of Antalya Homes, Bayram Tekçe said, Gayrimenkul The rate of localization in the real estate sector is 80%, which is quite high compared to other sectors. While the domestic production rate in the machinery manufacturing sector is 40%, this rate is 20% in the automotive sector. With our real estate exports of 6 billion dollars, we create export revenues equivalent to 24 billion dollars of automotive exports. The contribution of the home sales to our country economy is very valuable for the foreigner who has gained momentum by reducing foreign investor incentives and citizenship limit. We are waiting for a new record in 2019. 201

For 2020, the target of housing exports is 20 billion dollars.

Bayram Tekçe stated that 2018 was left behind with a record in the sale of houses to foreigners. Geride 2018 was a productive year in the sale of housing to foreigners. We expect this volume to reach $ 6 billion and increase to $ 20 billion in 4 years. By lowering the lower limit of citizenship from $ 1 million to $ 250,000, there was an additional potential of 20,000 units, or 5 billion dollars. We believe that this potential will increase with the arrangements that will facilitate the citizenship procedures. Vat One of 74 different nationalities to perform stating that housing sales in Turkey, "Turkey is not unique in the world in residential sales to foreigners. There is intense competition in this area. We are active in marketing and promotional activities to become a center of attraction for foreigners in Turkey, "he said.

Housing proportion of Iranians from Turkey increased by 360%

countries in the world in residential sales to foreign competition escalates between Middle Eastern and European investors' interest in Turkey is growing every day. According to Turkstat, the area's best-selling issue in Turkey at the beginning of foreigners coming Iraqis. In 2018, the number of houses sold to Iraqi citizens increased by 115% compared to the previous year and reached 8.205. The largest increase in housing sold to foreigners took place in Iranians. Iranians, who purchased 3,652 houses in 2018, increased by 360% compared to the previous year. The number of housing it prefers Turkey to which other investors purchased the Germans in 2018 increased by 141%, this rate of increase of 78% in Sweden, while in Russia was 72%.

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