Sosyal ticaretin öncüsü, Azerbaycan’a açıldı. Yeni hedef Rusya!

Sosyal ticaretin öncüsü, Azerbaycan’a açıldı. Yeni hedef Rusya!
06 November 2018, the pioneer of social commerce, opened to Azerbaijan. New destination Russia!, which is one of the sponsors of Global Influencer Day which was realized with the participation of Sophia, the first robot citizen of the world, stepped into the global market with Azerbaijan. Users reached 320 thousand domestic payment system in Turkey grew rapidly in the last one year, and now look at the world's largest social commerce market was perpendicular to Russia.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - This year, the yükselen Global Influencer Day ’, which was organized for the second time this year, evaluated the‘ influencer marketing ’strategies of the business and marketing world, took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Among the sponsors of the Chatbot-based shopping system, the event featured representatives of key technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Instagram, Sophia, the world's first robot citizen, and more than 3,500 participants from around 500 companies. Within the scope of the event, which includes expert speakers and successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields, new trends in digital marketing, social media interaction and influencer marketing were discussed. Hasan Jabbarov, the co-founder of, a domestic payment platform that speaks at the event and plans to open abroad for a while, started with the Facebook Messenger, Face-to-Face Sales and web products from Baku as of November 1st, first in the Azerbaijani market, and then in 2019. in Russia, said they will grow in Russia.

Social commerce in Azerbaijan is one step ahead of e-commerce!

Hasan Jabbarov, who shared the results of his research on the existence of social trade in Azerbaijan, which is one step ahead of e-commerce, said: Azerbay Azerbaijan has 2 million active Instagram accounts with a population of 9 million. The number of users who use Instagram for sale is 254 thousand. The average basket of social trade in Azerbaijan through Instagram is 64 Manats, ie about 205 TL. This figure remains at the level of £ 127 in Turkey. In Azerbaijan, users are using Instagram for sales because of their ease of use and the lack of e-commerce infrastructure. They are trying to make sales in cash through Instagram because they do not use money transfer / eft in the country. This process involves both challenges and risks. Nevertheless, a large share of Instagram sales has been reached. Indan Since there is no service other than in Azerbaijan, it has serious potential for us. 

"Social commerce is the largest market in Russia. "

Hasan Jabbarov stated that the next target market is Russia:: Azerbaijan has a strategic importance for us in terms of Russian market. Social commerce is the most common place in the world with Russia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Latin American countries, but Russia has the largest market. Due to its location in Azerbaijan; and we can apply the techniques we learned in Turkey, as well as an important area that we can obtain experience in dealing with Russia due to Russian and Azerbaijani spoken. The Azerbaijani government will support investments in the Instagram market where its citizens earn income. That gives us confidence. As of 2019, we want to unite our operations in Russia and Azerbaijan and manage it in Azerbaijan. 

Individuals, companies set up, to have a website, application or document requirements without that allows the world to be charged exchanging messages all over the in Turkey amounted to 320 thousand users grew rapidly in the last one year, I was able to triple their income over the last 3 months.

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