Growing abroad with international partnerships, Ersa introduced its new products in Orgatec.

Growing abroad with international partnerships, Ersa introduced its new products in Orgatec.
08 December 2016


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ISTANBUL (TR) -Ersa Furniture, Turkey and the new products developed by designers from around the world and award-winning designs, introduces the world's largest office furniture and interior decoration fair in Orgatec.

At the exhibition held in Cologne, Germany on October 25-29, 2016, with a 200 m² stand designed by Italian designer and interior designer Claudio Bellini, Ersa's new solution partners with international partners have attracted attention. Claudio Bellini's Edge series of acoustic panels and Arrow executive room with the stand, Frem Group's Oasis phone booth attracted visitors from the visitors. The Carnival series, which is the signature of Ece Yalım Design Studio, carried the fun world of carnivals with its dynamic lines, entertaining forms and flashy colors, and not only to work environments but also to Ersa stand.

Ersa made a statement on the occasion of Orgatec Furniture Fair Assistant General Manager Yalcin Ata, noting that they continued to grow outside of Turkey with international partnerships, he said: "7. Orgatec, which we have attended once, offers a stronger content than ever this year. We were able to combine Ersa's production capability with the dreams of designers and the experience of our international solution partners. In 2014, we signed a contract with Haworth, one of the world's largest office furniture brands. Over the past years since the Quadrifoglio brand and Cappellini are the representative of Turkey. Our solution partners Haworth and Quadrifoglio are presenting their new products with their stands in Orgatec. This year, we opened the UK market by partnering with Frem Group, which designs office furniture for innovative work spaces. After the exhibition, Frem's London and Northampton stores will start to display Ersa products. Ardından

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