Turkey joined the global chain of cloud office!

Turkey joined the global chain of cloud office!
08 December 2016

Unusual Enterprise, was clevvermail's business partner in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The world's offered at many points "cloud office" clevvermail remarkable service, we chose Projects Being as a business partner in Turkey. The 29th cloud office of the company, which has the opportunity to obtain an address outside the country borders of the country, provides office and mailbox address in the leading cities of the world. Turkey is signing this agreement, the cloud became a part of the global chain of office.

ClevverMail, which operates on four continents; It offers virtual office, mailbox address, virtual and physical storage services in cities such as Paris, Sydney, Vancouver, Chicago, Bangkok, Vienna, London. Clevvermail, Cloud Post 2.0. as a member of the system, the package and mail to other countries, online and physically provides the opportunity to store and obtain the package.

You can use Cloud Office application at with a range of packages ranging from 0.95 to 19.95 Euro per month.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55