NEWSROOM Construction Machine Changes Rental Experience Construction Machine Changes Rental Experience
08 December 2016


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Construction machinery and construction equipment rental platform it is changing Turkey's construction equipment rental habits. Since May 2016, more than 200 construction machines have been leased through the platform which brings together construction companies who want to hire construction equipment and equipment owners.

At the beginning of the most common problems they voiced their own machines in Turkey, standing idle construction equipment parked and reach new customers for construction equipment coming obtaining additional income. The fact that 95 percent of the construction machinery is empty is the result of the fact that the table shows a very high cost of ownership. Makinaparkuru aims to reduce the costs of construction equipment owners and create a network for them by providing the rental of construction equipment and construction equipment which are not used during the day.

Unlike traditional construction machinery leasing companies, the innovation brought by the machine shop, which is associated with very tiring paper works, allows people and construction equipment owners to rent their own machines not only on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is a platform for those who want to hire construction equipment, which is more affordable and with a wider network of suppliers, and offers a great opportunity to bring together the construction machine owners who want to create additional income while not having time to use the machine.

Believing in the sharing economy model, set out to develop an application for renting machinery and equipment of all construction machinery and construction equipment owners, since May 2016, when it started its activities by bringing together construction companies who want to rent construction equipment and construction equipment. reached more leases. 

"Business machines easy way to rent!" I established with the slogan in May 2016 and construction machinery and construction companies with construction equipment lessor in the Internet brings together and innovative platform which is the first in its field in Turkey.

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