Kolay HR provides an economic solution to SMEs in personnel management.

Kolay HR provides an economic solution to SMEs in personnel management.
08 December 2016


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Being implemented by young entrepreneurs and providing support to many individual and institutional investors so far, Kolay HR offers an economical solution to personnel management in SMEs. Kolay HR, which is used by more than 3 thousand companies and over 50 thousand employees, contributes economically to the digitalization of SMEs starting from 49 TL per month.

With Kolay HR, which enables company owners to reach the data they need with a single click, companies can carry out all processes related to personnel management under a single roof. Kolay HR, which is based on the concerns of SMEs in many subjects such as permits, trainings, payroll, expenditures, embezzlement and personal information, performance management, is cloud based, so all information about company employees can be accessed from different devices with internet access.

Why should SMEs use Kolay HR?

It offers an economical and efficient solution.
It does not require new investment.
Companies can start using it immediately.
Anyone using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can easily manage the system.
Everything about personnel management can be carried out on a single system.
Company information is available from anywhere and from any device with internet access.
The data is protected by world-class secure systems.
Long and exhausting reporting processes are ending.
There is no risk of mistakes.
It allows HR employees to focus on value-added jobs.

Contact: Olmadık Projeler / [email protected] / 0212 635 70 60