Kolay HR, between active investment initiatives represent Turkey

Kolay HR, between active investment initiatives represent Turkey
04 January 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) -New York based investment analysis platform “Active Investors Supporting Human Resources (HR) Technologies ın research conducted by CB Insights has been announced. 10 HR technology companies to invest more during the first 500 Startups, while the world's leading investment groups this year adds to the portfolio Kolay HR was also represented Turkey. our country's first cloud-based HR Kolay HR and personnel management system, so far, 500 Startups, as well as sub-investment support from many people or institutions from Turkey and the world.

Approximately $ 2 billion investment to HR technologies in 4 years

According to CB Insights research, the investments in HR technologies in the period of 2012-2016 reached the highest level in the world and reached 1.96 billion USD. In the four-year period when more than 100 enterprises were supported, 500 Startups, which took 17 companies into the portfolio, became the most active investor, while Easy HR was one of the 5 initiatives selected by the capital group this year.

Kolay HR makes life easier for SMEs.

Kolay is the only HR initiatives representing Turkey in the study grew by 30% each month since its establishment, 2015 and 2016 second round of sub-investment. In the first round, the company has increased its valuation of TL 2 million to 3 million in the second round, reaching USD 2 million. Offering affordable prices, Kolay HR enables SMEs to carry out all processes related to personnel management under a single roof.

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