Turkey’s First Digital Football Platform:

Turkey’s First Digital Football Platform:
04 January 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) -  Turkey’s football-oriented I the digital platform, “remains football without missing with the slogan” to share himself to all the capabilities of serving as a part of the football world and experiences, offers the opportunity to contact their soccer professional., a social network, has more than 3500 registered members including players, technical men, managers and scout. has also acted as a social enterprise and has signed 6 different tournament organizations with its social responsibility approach since its inception. Especially in the tournaments where refugee children were introduced to football, about 145 teams took part and 890 matches took place.

He broke new ground in the world and Turkey stating that they implement an established fijital platform on the football branch of football Founding Partner Kemal guest " I digitally can create personal profiles whether a combination of all the dynamics of football and a social platform can interact with each other. At the same time, we are able to show ourselves to everyone with the tournaments that we have arranged physically. In this sense, we have a physical model that operates in two fields: digital and physical. Our goal is to eliminate the inequality of opportunities in football, to contribute to the professionalization of amateurs and to enable professionals to share their experiences in this direction. Hedef, which was invested by StartersHub last year, continues with confident steps with its user-friendly new design.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55