Online eğitim pazarı beklentileri aştı!

Online eğitim pazarı beklentileri aştı!
14 November 2018

The online education market has exceeded our expectations!

The global e-learning market, which has doubled in 3 years, is expected to exceed the volume of $ 350 billion in 2025. Increasing interest in online education has led to the emergence of local initiatives in our country. The Istanbul Institute of Business, which aims to make the free distance education method sustainable, has offered free online education to over 1 million people in 6 years. 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - e-learning in the world and in our country is growing rapidly; In addition to equal opportunity, time and cost savings are preferred by more and more people. In 2015, the global online education market, which has a size of 107 billion dollars, has increased by two times in the last three years to $ 200 billion. In 2025 it is expected to exceed 350 billion dollars. Online training platforms are the driving force of this sector. Global players as well as domestic online training platforms come to the fore. Turkey's largest online education platform, Istanbul Graduate School of Business by the number of graduates since 2012. More than 1 million students in training, while an average of 18 thousand people are registering every week in training.

Top 3 choices in online education: sign language, human resource management and digital marketing

Bilal Şentürk, the founder of the Istanbul Institute of Business, stated that they offer free education through distance education to people who are particularly busy and cannot go to the place of education. At the beginning of 2019, we plan to increase the total number of training to 100. The course programs are prepared by expert technologists and trainers. We believe that education is a discipline. For this reason, we determine the start and end dates of the training in advance. Students do not go to the time they want, in the hours mentioned in the lesson live, completing assignments and exams. If he cannot attend, he can follow the course again. 70% of the participants are undergraduate, 16% are graduate and 12% are high school graduates. The most preferred trainings are sign language, human resources management, digital marketing, mobbing and labor law.

We taught sign language to 110 thousand people for free.

Bilal Şentürk stated that they aim to make the free distance education method sustainable and said, ini In today's information society, knowledge is very valuable and expensive, but the ülebilir desire to learn değerli which is not sold with money and has no monetary value is the main aim of our activities. In addition to professional trainings, we also collaborate with many NGOs to support socially beneficial education. We only taught sign language to 110,000 people for free. Yalnızca One of every 3 people who took distance education programs and received human resources training started to work in this field, Şentürk said that 18% of sign language learners were promoted. 33% of those attending the institute's diction training say that communication problems have completely disappeared and that they have started to express themselves better.

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