18 January 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) - The new Dominant Mode offers the first five-minute gameplay mode of the beta Vainglory. It also features an unprecedented 1 million ICE jackpot, a new Epic Mysterious Crate, a new Supporter Badge, a new New Year of the Year map view, new hero looks and much more.


18.01.2017 - Dominant Beta is a new game format designed for five-minute short sessions. The important part is still under development and will be shaped by community feedback over time. When you have a limited time to play the game, Dominant Mode will be indispensable for Vainglory. Now you only have five minutes to dive into a battle and enter into a fast and intense battle, knowing that you will end when you have no more time.

Dominant Mode also brings a new handy Sat Quick Buy yeni feature. Players will see the icon of the next item recommended by the heroes according to the sequence of the store. Just touch the icon of the item to buy. When the player has enough gold, the icon will be replaced by the next item in the sequence. If it does not have enough gold, the icon will not appear. This is a new and great feature for new players who cannot cope with their options, but they will not hamper those who want to shop for a particular lineup.


Teams earn points by killing enemy heroes or reaching targets.

Enemy heroes: 1 point each
Targets (Towers, Crystal Miners, Gold Miners): 3 points each
With your teammates, you will choose a strategy based on which road and forest is more important, and you will play defensively or aggressively depending on how close you are to 15 points. Catching Koshka suddenly will be a whole new source of excitement: Killing will bring your team closer to victory, but if you are caught and killed, this may mean the end of the game for you.

Players begin the match at 9th level with 6000 Gold. Dominant Beta is still an ongoing work in many respects, but we are very excited to share it right away and get your feedback for the perfect five-minute version of Vainglory. We look forward to your experiment!


Vainglory Update 2.0 introduces the Mysterious Chest, allowing players to pick up any hero or look at the Market; Special Edition views, which often require gigantic amounts of Opal, are included. Player feedback was extremely positive, and we were excited about what new opportunities this could bring in the future. The Mysterious Crate will be renamed Rare Mysterious Crate in Update 2.1. Why change? We wanted to make room for an offer that offers more epic stuff. The Epic Mysterious Crate guarantees better payments at a higher price and offers the chance to get 1 MILLION ICE BONUS.

Buy an Epic Mysterious Key to unlock this new chest for 999 ICE. Each crate contains at least six cards, one hero, one view and 20 Opal guaranteed! It also has the chance to get increased Epic or higher view or Special Version appearance. The legendary Mysterious Crate Market will include all the heroes and looks sold at the Market k plus a few unpublished surprise looks to come to the Market later. If you get a hero or view that you already have, you will receive 20 Opal instead. In addition to the chance to win one million ICE bonuses, the Epic Mysterious Crate also offers 100,000 ICEs as a potential payment.

Epic Mysterious Crate: Better, more reliable payments and a chance to win 1 million ICE.


The Vainglory product is a journey that we share with our roadmap, our heroes, our looks, our story and our play. Together we make this game better. With the introduction of the Rare and Epic Mysterious Chest, we wanted to do something for the actors who took an extra step to financially support Vainglory in this community. That's why we're offering the Supporter Badge. If you have purchased ICE in the last 30 days, you will see a new indicator on the VS screen of each match. Thank you for turning Vainglory into today. We know that your money is valuable and we sincerely appreciate your support.


Halcyon Fold became special to celebrate the New Year Year. To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, you can take a look at the red paper lanterns, fireworks and golden sculptures.



These changes to Halcyon Fold create many interesting options when approaching the game.

Road stunts and forest monsters are born 10 seconds late
A Big Treant is born for the first 4 minutes where the Forest Store is now


Hero killings are now considerably more valuable. Achieving a large number of killings can dramatically change the course of war. These changes allow early game heroes to move forward with a greater advantage to the further stages of the game by exerting more pressure on slower teams. However, if you are constantly killing, be sure to protect yourself because your death will be much more valuable to your opponent.


In Update 2.1, the Crystal Miners hit even stronger, but it takes longer to be born, and now has a certain number of lives, they will no longer be born when this number of lives is full. You can push the enemy forest more effectively, but this is a risky strategy.

Payment came out of 35 gold and 15 experience from 125 gold and 15 experience
She's got three lives, she won't be born anymore.
Arıtk 4% applies maximum health damage as mixed damage
The birth time increased from 45 to 60 seconds


Vainglory now remembers the view you prefer to play from game to game. For example, if you always want to use the Petal's Pumpkin look, choose once and become your default for future matches. Resetting your default view is as easy as choosing a different view.

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