World-renowned sports brand MACRON, Turkey is preparing to enter the market.

World-renowned sports brand MACRON, Turkey is preparing to enter the market.
03 February 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Founded in 1971, the Italian sportswear brand Macron, as of 2017, Turkey is preparing to operate in the market. Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, running and engaged in the production and technical materials in baseball sportswear brand branches in Turkey to serve the team in another sport, especially football. More than 10,000 teams worldwide, Macron, today with 1,000 team stores and 105 Macron Store operating in many countries, especially in Europe.

Choice of top teams

Macron, which sells more than 5 million products in 2015, includes: Lazio from Italy, Bologna, Cagliari, Nice from France, 1860 Munich from Germany, Stoke City in England, Crystal Palace, Bolton Wonderers, Germany from 1860 Munich, Portugal, Sporting Lisbon, Vitoria, Greece, Paok, Bulgaria, Ludogorets, Croatia Hajduk Split and Spain Levante, Albania A National Team is located. Basketball, Brose Basket, Virtus Bologna, Cantu senior teams such as Macron is wearing.

Started sponsorship and sales negotiations

As of 2017, Macron started to work mainly in football in team sports, and started sponsorship and sales negotiations with teams in the lower leagues as well as super league teams. Macroname targets in Turkey in 2017 to sponsor many teams in the Super League and lower leagues and after 2017 include open stores in Turkey.

Macroname in charge of Turkey Cem Sancar K. "We are pleased to bring to market a world-renowned brand of Turkey. Especially in team sports, especially football, we want to contribute to the team in Turkey and carry out technical material sponsorships. In line with this, especially senior teams from the lower leagues to be agreed upon with our istiyoruz.hedefi much jewelry as possible, the team is to introduce the culture and quality of Macron in Turkey. "He said.


Contact: Cem K. Sancar / 0532 550 64 93 / [email protected]