Target, 100 tons of food for animals! supports animals.

Target, 100 tons of food for animals! supports animals.
14 February 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Pets are offering needed products are sold since 2010. Turkey serves the thousands of pet owners in general. The e-commerce site, which reaches to 10 thousand members and 30-40 thousand visitors per month, supports the animals in need.

With the ve social e-commerce bağış approach, more than 10 tons of food was provided to date and many animals were treated with coupons.

From, users who buy the products needed for their pets can help the cats and dogs in need of treatment without any extra cost. Users can donate discounts on campaign coupons regularly through the site to be used in the treatment of dogs and cats. The Help Mama is taking place cat and dog food in quantities that they desire with users sending over any shelter in Turkey. In addition, the products offered by the's Mama Help tab are offered at the cost price and the shipping costs are free of charge.

Uğur Bazan, who is the founder of aiming to reach 8 thousand different product types in 2017 and has a target of 300 thousand TL turnover. With the help of treatment and food, we leave the other sites. This makes us a "social e-commerce" site. In particular, the project of treatment and the project as a project completely belongs to us. Therefore, it deserves more attention and emphasis. In 2017, we aim to cover the costs of treatment for more than 100 animals and to distribute 100 tons of charcoal.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55