Her gün 30 milyondan fazla sorunun cevabı arama motorlarında bulunuyor!

Her gün 30 milyondan fazla  sorunun cevabı arama motorlarında bulunuyor!
20 November 2018

The answer to more than 30 million questions every day is in the search engines!

We ask the search engines what we want to know and what we want to know. Search engines throughout the world via more than 6 billion per day, while 250 million searches are made in Turkey. 30 million of exploration in Turkey with the question format. However, 20% of the calls consisted of unanswered questions. The ’ask Google lem discourse, which became popular in the 2000s, may change in the near future!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to Internet Live Stats and Statcounter data, more than 6 billion searches are made daily from search engines around the world, approximately 71 thousand every hour, 255 million per hour. In 2012, around 1.5 trillion searches were made worldwide, but in the first 10 months of 2018 this figure exceeded 2 trillion. In Turkey, it referenced to search engines for answers to nearly 900 million problems every month. The increase in the number of searches and changes in internet habits also create opportunities for new initiatives. Recently, an alternative initiatives such as the question and answer platform Quora gaining popularity in the world I was born in Turkey. The platform shares advertising revenue with those who answer questions and aims to ensure that no questions remain unanswered.

20% of searches are new!

About 20% of the world's most commonly used search engines are the questions that have never been searched. This causes search engines to become inadequate after a while. Based on this fact, it established as a social platform that can be asked questions on every subject, as well as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cyprus and seeing great interest from the Turkic Republics. There are 400 thousand questions and 3 million answers in the system, which reached 40 thousand members in a short time. Approximately 5 thousand new questions are added to the platform every day, each question is answered by an average of 5 members.

English social question answer platform on the way

Ahmet Kara, founder of, stated that they aim to reach 500 thousand members by the end of 2019.. We have started to work for the English version of the platform. We made a deal with the US-based Knowledge Alliance for our English question and answer platform project. We will run the project together. In January 2019, we aim to open the English social question answer platform.

Kara said, the number of users registered on the platform is growing steadily, but more importantly, to maintain the quality of the content produced by users. For this reason, we share some of our advertising revenues with our users. We also encourage users to donate their income to charities, but they can also use it individually if they wish. 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55