Companies in Turkey is not ready for digital disaster!

Companies in Turkey is not ready for digital disaster!
23 February 2017

One in every three companies is experiencing a digital disaster, one of every two companies is not taking any measures.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the research conducted by Clonera IT Services; Each 3 company in Turkey to live despite at least one digital disaster in the last one year, was not prepared for disaster. More than half of the 200 companies with an average of 50 servers in the study did not test their IT systems in the last 6 months. Half of the disaster recovery and business continuity solution does not exist.

Disaster recovery and business continuity Cloner specializing in the field, in address "Does IT systems ready for disasters in Turkey?" Was organized a survey. Responses to a survey of IT managers from different sectors, important information as to whether companies are prepared for digital disaster in Turkey makes. The total working in companies operating in Turkey report compiled from the responses of 430 IT managers pointing to important data.

According to the report, one in every three companies in the last 1 year, while a digital disaster, one of every two companies is not a disaster recovery solution and disaster recovery. In addition, the report shows that one in every four companies does not perform a disaster recovery test and does not know whether their solutions are effective. Two out of every three companies participating in the survey say that they do not believe that their current system will protect itself from disasters.

Non-disaster recovery companies are losing reputation

65% of those who do not use a solution to prevent interruption of their services has the misconception that the cost of disaster recovery solutions is high. However, the losses of the company's business processes, while bringing the level of loss and loss of income as a return to the situation.

The survey results show that 65% of the companies that have digital disaster have failed to implement their systems, but 8% have never recovered their systems, and one in every 4 companies lost at least 10% of their system.

The main reasons for business interruptions are digital disasters

Another noteworthy information in the report is that only 3% of the companies that have experienced a digital disaster in the last year have been interrupted due to natural disasters. The majority of business interruptions are caused by user error, system failure, cyber attack or power failure.

Survey results indicate they fit in with the outcomes of international research on disaster recovery Cloner General Manager of the Universe Honey "Turkey's job to stop you the report as a result of the survey we started saying also shows that institutions are not taking the necessary measures to disaster recovery and business continuity. According to research conducted worldwide, one in every 3 companies in the world has experienced a digital disaster in the last 5 years. 93% of these companies disappeared in 5 years. The cost of operational disruptions experienced by companies due to catastrophes is over $ 3.5 million. Fel Ballı, who stated that disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are crucial for companies in the digitalized world, continued as follows: we avoid. Moreover, we offer this service at 80% lower cost than traditional methods. 

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