“Four Eyes” exhibition takes us to the roads that we don’t know and the doors we don’t open.

“Four Eyes” exhibition takes us to the roads that we don’t know and the doors we don’t open.
07 March 2017


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Swiss Linda Herzog’s photographs and Turkish Tan Cemal Genç lines meet in a joint exhibition. The or Four-Eye / Photographed Trips Sanat exhibition opens on Friday, March 10 in Beyoğlu, opposite Art Studies.

Two artists have a common point of thinking. In this exhibition, which tries to shed light on the different realities of life, perspectives and forms of expression, there are stories of the connection between the couple, the photographs and the drawings. Although they are from different disciplines, their point of view is surprisingly similar. The imagination and impressions he put on paper with Genç's pen are reflected on camera as a passenger in Herzog.

Tan Cemal Genç has been living and drawing in “mega city“ Istanbul for years. This old and chaotic city is an integral part of his rhythmic and monolithic drawings. It is the texture of animation works.

Linda Herzog, who lives in Basel, focuses on cities and countries in his projects. They meet when Linda Herzog lives in Istanbul. They go on city tours together. Herzog, about three years after their trip to Turkey, "Mihriban" from the photo book is. His photographic journeys continue in Berlin and Paris.

The 201 Four Eyes Mart exhibition, which is an interesting gathering of two deep-rooted branches of art, such as photography and line, can be seen in Beyoğlu's Art Gallery between 10 March and 8 April 2017.

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