Our Design History for the Curious: Library Meetings ”Event Series First

Our Design History for the Curious: Library Meetings ”Event Series First
13 March 2017

Our Design History for the Curious: Library Meetings ”Event Series First

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ISTANBUL (TR) -  Our Design History for Curiosity: Library Meetings en, which was realized with the cooperation of Istanbul Design Biennial under the leadership of Studio-X Istanbul and Ersa's support, took place at Studio-X Istanbul's library X-Reads last weekend (Saturday, March 11).

Pelin Derviş coordinated by the library meeting series 3. Within the framework of the implementation of the Istanbul Design Biennial "Chronology of Turkey Design | Trial ”is the continuation of the project. The modular design developed by Ersa for the common areas, the Lin library system, offers its visitors the ideal environment fed by books and library culture.

Meetings, whose main purpose is to address the curiosity of our design background, sometimes center on printed sources such as a thesis or a book or magazine; books, publications that have not yet been published. Design history of our range of issues in the time series of activities that aim to meet with actors including the last 200 years "Turkey Design Chronology | According to the Deneme Trial ”project; mostly from the 1950s to the present day.

Different Approaches on Architects and Books

Architecture and architects' relationship with the book was the main topic of the first session of the “Library Meetings” series on Saturday, March 11. The first part of the session Banc Selda, METU architectural history from completing his doctoral studies program in motion, dealing with the practice of self-employed architect in Turkey share the books they prepare presentations on between the years 1950-1980.

In the second part of the session, Melis Cankara, the director of SALT Research Archives and Design Archives, discussed the “Cengiz Bektaş Archive”, the process and the contribution of the written sources, which she has been continuing since June 2016 and which she aims to open in December 2017.

In the last part of the session, Selda Bancı; the attempts by the architect, bard and writer Cengiz Bektaş to (re) produce and conceptualize the architecture through the publication of Bektas' experiences and observations; exhibiting architectural products and methods of structuring architectural productions. Production of, for recognition of the development and Anatolian culture of architectural culture in Turkey, not only architecture, writings, books and other media through actions in the maintaining of a lifetime Bektas's efforts in this regard were also discussed at the meeting.

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