Ülkemizde yıllık sigara tüketimi, yeniden 100 milyarın üstüne çıktı!

Ülkemizde yıllık sigara tüketimi, yeniden 100 milyarın üstüne çıktı!
21 November 2018

Annual cigarette consumption in our country, again rose to over 100 billion!

In our country, the rate of smoking has increased to 26% in the last 5 years. About 14.5 million people over the age of 15 are smoking. 88 packs of cigarettes per capita annual consumption in Turkey ranks the 13th in Europe, annual cigarette consumption has exceeded 100 billion units.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - signed in 2003, the World Health Organization on Tobacco Control Framework under the Convention "smokeless airspace" conducting stable policy related in Turkey, began to spread again the use of cigarettes and tobacco products. According to the data collected from different research results by Online PR Agency B2Press in order to draw attention to cigarette consumption in our country and to raise awareness; The rate of smoking was 32% in 2003; In 2012, it decreased to 23% and in the last 5 years it increased to 26%. Prepared with the support of World Health Organization, American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation, Tobacco Atlas reveals that in our country where more than 65 thousand people die each year due to tobacco products, 190 thousand children between the ages of 10-14 are smoking.

One person smokes an average of 1,771 cigarettes a year!

According to the Tobacco Atlas B2press examined the data, 39.5% of men over the age of 15 in Turkey, while 12.4% of women use cigarettes. In males, 26% of deaths and 7.5% of females are caused by smoking-related diseases. One person per year average of 1,771 cigarettes inside Turkey, the most non-depleting 13th country in Europe. Belarus is the country with the highest number of cigarettes per capita with 2,911 cigarettes per year, followed by Macedonia with 2,785 and Macedonia with 2,492 respectively.

Annual cigarette consumption exceeded 105 billion.

At the end of 2011, the amount of annual cigarette consumption decreased to 91.2 billion and reached 105.7 billion. In our country, 88 packs of cigarettes are consumed per person. Non-physical and physical damage to the body as well as damages to the nature. 50 thousand tons of butts interfering in nature and can dissolve a cigarette butt in Turkey every year but 5 years.

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