Social Media Wind Blows in E-Commerce

30 March 2017

Social Media Wind Blows in E-Commerce

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The development of social media and the demand in all over the world continue to feel the impact in different sectors. Especially in the first months of 2015, the period of trade in social media is increasing. one of the pioneers in the field of social services in Turkey which was announced by the Crovu According to the latest statistics, in 2017, E-Commerce literally blowing wind in the social media sector. According to the survey, 27% of the sales in e-commerce sector were realized through social media shares in 2017.

As an alternative to general advertising in the sales of large and medium sized companies over the internet, there has been a great increase in viral advertising and sharing via social media. Studies that make a very different impression from an ordinary ad in the eyes of users play a major role in transforming processes into sales.

Especially in e-commerce sites that use social media actively, there has been a great increase in the earnings gained from social media in recent years. Many E-Commerce sites can share their products from social media accounts before putting them on their sites, get comments from users, decide on the expected conversions according to these comments and get sales directly from social media shares.

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