Environmentalist Lead Pencil

Environmentalist Lead Pencil
12 April 2017

Environmentalist Lead Pencil 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the recent period, the green area, forest and tree numbers, the decline in the number of entrepreneurial and educational solutions are produced. The "environmentalist" pencils with seeds in the capsule in the upper part of the capsule presented by a Gaziantep producer grows when they are brought together with the soil. The pencils of the course, which turned into flowers or flowers when planted in the ground, surprise the viewers.

Produced in Gaziantep with the slogan ı Steep in short time, plant id, kısm Yeşeren Kalemler ınca contains the seeds of 10 different plant varieties in the protective capsule at the back.

When the pens are planted in a pot and watered, the capsules melt; the seeds in the pen meets the soil and sprouts in 7 to 14 days. The floral varieties are easily growing, such as flora, marigold, ivy, radish, lettuce, cucumber, cucumber; in the last period was the focus of interest to couples to marry. Couples who write their names and marriage dates on the pen; he uses pencils as a souvenir instead of a wedding stick.

The, greening pen,, which contributes to the environmental recognition of children in particular, is the choice of many brands, schools and municipalities because it creates a system of recycling within itself.

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