Social media usage in Turkey has increased by 37%

25 April 2017

Social media usage in Turkey has increased by 37%

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The rapidly spreading social media wave in the world has started to show its full effect in our country. Turkey's most preferred social media services company that, according to figures announced by the crovu, social media utilization rate in Turkey has increased by about 37% compared to last year. In line with this, the brands managing social media pages professionally increased their online sales by about 40% compared to the previous year.

Social media outlets, from small to large, in every segment, have a positive impact on sales especially in the e-commerce sector. While the impact of social media on earnings is increasing day by day, companies attach great importance to social media management. The brands operating in the e-commerce sector aim to increase their sales rates by establishing social media management team or by providing services from experienced companies in the field of social media management.

According to CROVU, investing in social media channels, which will increase its influence in the coming years, is very important in terms of increasing customer satisfaction and gains.

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