New Generation Seats are preferred in Offices and Conference Halls

New Generation Seats are preferred in Offices and Conference Halls
28 April 2017

New Generation Seats are preferred in Offices and Conference Halls

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As the world experienced back in Turkey due to long working hours, neck, headache, lack of concetration, discomfort such as fatigue, causing them to prefer the company of their seats high class work. Ergonomic products are suitable for human anatomy especially in conference rooms and offices.

In particular, one of the leading countries in the field of conference tourism activities in Turkey, conference rooms and offices began to be preferred to human health in accordance innovative seats. In this context, seats are equipped with height adjustment and smart bending mechanisms integrated into the seat frame that allow the user to rest comfortably. At the same time, the designs that can be used as multi-purpose in different areas attract the attention of consumers. Office chairs in 127 years of experience in the Girsberger global brand and has over 47 years of Turkey's leading office furniture brand of Tuna Tuna formed by establishing joint production plant Office Girsberger brand, aesthetics and ergonomics attracts attention with its design, offering a combination. Tuna Girsberger's new product ’Linq Gir, which creates modern offices with its superior standard products, is designed for common areas and working areas. Tuna Girsberger General Manager Mehmet Arda stated that they created both design and ergonomic products with ease of use under the brand name of Tuna Girsberger. With Linq, we aimed to bring together all the ergonomic functions that a user may need. At the same time, it is not enough to have an ergonomic seat at all times. As a result of the researches, most of the ergonomic seats show that the employee does not correctly adjust the seat according to his / her body because he / she does not know the functions of the seat and cannot use the seat correctly. We also wanted Linq to design a seat in the forefront, while at the same time we wanted to have ease of use. Biz

Linq working seats are ideal for common areas and working areas with ease of use and design. Designed by Designer Jonathan Preswich for Tuna Girsberger, the Linq chair is offered for 5 years.

About Tuna Girsberger

Today's office life, today's design T with the motto of offering differentiating designs Tuna Office, founded in 1970 with the name of Tuna Steel. The first showroom in Ankara was opened in 1982 as a reflection of the company's decision to become a national brand. In the office furniture sector in Turkey is the only foreign partner organizations Danube Office in 1992, Switzerland's oldest companies of Girsberger Holding AG and began going to the office furniture manufacturing partnerships. Today, Tuna Girsberger produces approximately 70.000 seats per year. Tuna Office serves today with its stores in Istanbul, Altunizade, Silivri and Ankara, Izmir and Riyadh.

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