High Performance Search for Low Tax in Automotive

High Performance Search for Low Tax in Automotive
28 April 2017

High Performance Search for Low Tax in Automotive

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the last two years, motor vehicles taxes, which have been rearranged, have pushed consumers to sell vehicles with lower engine volumes, which in turn leads high-performance seekers to search for different alternatives. Rather than pay high taxes and receive higher vehicle engine displacement, lower, taking each with a CC means "accelerating performance products" if the drivers of performance-enhancing product market in Turkey has led to the rise.

Un Motor Vehicle Taxes Vergi rates applied to high motor vehicles in our country continue to change the consumer habits in the automotive sector. Vehicles with 1.6 cc and below the engine power according to the tax rates in Turkey are invested in low tax brackets, burning the hand vehicles over 1.6 cc enables the performance of duties.

Consumers who are looking for performance in the vehicle are trying to improve their vehicle performances without using tax-enhancing products. Pedalbox of leading brands in the world market in this field in recent years has begun to operate in Turkey. Product distributor company in this industry over 20 years experience with Uludag Group, reseller services over 50 in Turkey market forwards veriyor.birçok may increase the car's performance with different plug-in Uludag Group General Coordinator Hakan SÜMER "consumer's vehicle performance has led us to bring the quest Pedalbox brand aimed at improving Turkey. The German brand Pedalbox is a tool performance enhancer developed by DTE Systems. Pedalbox accelerator gas reaction device is played with the vehicle's brains in no way and the vehicle-specific ready-to-use kits are fitted to the accelerator pedal socket of the vehicle, ensuring maximum performance. The most basic feature of the device is that it can be mounted very quickly and the performance improvement of the vehicle can be observed instantly with the application of the device Cihaz.

Free test possibility
Özkan Sümer, who is responsible for technical department of Uludağ Group, stated that there is no operation such as cutting and drilling, thanks to the Pedalbox. As Uludağ Group, we are confident in Pedalbox and we offer a free-of-charge test on our vehicles and a 15-day refund guarantee to reflect this to our customers. While doing all this, we cannot say that Pedalbox saves 4% to 7% in economy mode. For both performance and fuel economy drive in Turkey's conditions is very important, you can save both fuel and Pedalbox can enjoy both high performance and driving pleasure, "he added.

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