US patent patent for Turkish technology company

US patent patent for Turkish technology company
04 May 2017

US patent patent for Turkish technology company

Homophones in Turkey came to technology developed in the US patent approval.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - SESTEK, a high-tech company operating in the fields of voice and communication technologies, call center applications and customer service automation, received 3 patents in the USA. Patents for Voice Response, Speech Analysis and Speaker Verification systems developed by SESTEK within the scope of R & D studies were approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Stating that they produce technology solutions that will compete with the global giants in the field of audio technologies, SESTEK Chairman Prof.Dr. Levent Arslan “Our goal is to become a global brand by strengthening our presence abroad. In this direction, while reaching a wider audience, patent applications allow us to protect our existing technologies. ” Tuba Arslan Kır, SESTEK R & D Coordinator who provided information on the subject, said, “We create an international portfolio by linking the systems we developed with R & D studies to patents. In the coming period, we aim to expand our portfolio by continuing our patent studies. Ek

Technology that Secure Internet Banking and Shopping

In areas with restricted access, such as banks' internet branches and online shopping sites, users go through a two-factor security process when logging into the systems. With the new system that SESTEK has patented, as an alternative to the one-time password, mobile phones can be reached by automatic outgoing calls. In the search, the security question which they defined previously is posed to the users. The system voices the question with Text-to-Speech technology, and the user's answer is controlled by translating the text into Speech Recognition technology. In the same process, the verification process is completed by looking at the user's biometric identity.

Technology that Converts and Analyzes Phone Calls
Speech Analytics (Speech Analytics) software enables call centers to automatically translate recorded conversations between customer representatives and customers and perform various statistical analyzes of these conversations. The data obtained from the analyzes contribute to increasing customer satisfaction, improving customer representative performance and optimizing call center processes. Thanks to the technology developed by SESTEK, the performance of the statistical analyzes performed with the Speech Analysis software is increased, thus providing more accurate analysis results. Thus, important issues that directly affect call center performance such as service quality, customer representative performance and customer satisfaction level can be analyzed accurately.

Technology that recognizes speeches under threat
Another system that SESTEK has patented focuses on developing personalized behavioral speech models by using voice technologies, and informing the relevant units instantly by detecting when the dialogue goes beyond the standard speech model. For example, if the person is acting on the phone under the force of someone or under threat; In order to detect and terminate this situation through the system, the relevant units are immediately notified. Thus, it is aimed to prevent security problems that may occur during voice operations. The system is also expected to be used for instant evaluation of customer representative performance in call centers.

The main technologies developed by SESTEK include Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, Speech Analysis, Voice Signature, Natural Dialogue and Chatbot. Founded in 2000, SESTEK operates in Istanbul, Ankara, Dubai and Chicago offices.

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